Our Company

We believe that emotion analysis is essential for brands to connect better with their customers. Our applied research in emotion analytics has created a way to analyse content for its associated emotions.

At Adoreboard, we go further than sentiment analysis. We don’t just identify trends that only tell you what ‘could be’ an issue. By defining and identifying feelings expressed, as well as the topics driving those feelings, our analysis drills right down to the cause. We can tell you precisely which key emotions are contributing to the success or the under-performing aspects of your product or service.

Our Vision

The internet and social media has transformed the way people express their opinions, experiences and knowledge. This provides an opportunity for brands to access unsolicited, uncensored content to gain previously untapped insights. Social listening has provided the “what” but now emotion analysis provides the “why”.

So, How can brands use emotion analysis to gain actionable and measurable insights? What tools and resources are available to help? How can Adoreboard help? Emotion analysis empowers the brand to transform customer experience.

Analyse customer created text

Determine emotional motivators

Reveal unique insights

The brand will be able to take effective action to improve customer experience. This guide has been created to allow users to fully understand the fundamentals of emotion analysis and how to apply it to create actionable insights and improve business decision making.

The Fundamentals

What is emotion analysis?

Data analytics has become vitally important to businesses. Emotion analysis builds on this allowing a deeper dive into the data to fully understand the drivers behind what people are saying.

Emotion analysis goes beyond the quantitative measure of emotion to drive qualitative benefit. Emotion analysis, as a business application is:

  • An aggregate measure of the emotional intensity of text
  • A measure of individual emotions
  • The topics or themes stimulating those emotions
  • The extracted business insights

Human emotion is so complex that it takes more than simple sentiment analysis to understand it.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis tells you if something is positive, neutral or negative. This does not allow for meaningful tracking over time, or the understanding of the reasons why or what you can do about it.

"We go beyond sentiment analysis"

Emotion analysis

An aggregate measure of the emotional intensity of text is more powerful than sentiment analysis as it gives a clear measure between -100 to 100. This score can be compared with competitor scores or industry benchmarks, and variations can be tracked over time. Additional benefits such as quantitative and qualitative analysis from emotion analysis can take business benefits to a whole new level.

The Adorescore

The Adorescore is a high level performance indicator of how content or a brand is doing on an Index of -100 to +100. A high score means the content is largely positive in nature containing positive emotions such as joy, trust & amazement. A negative score would indicate mostly negative emotions expressed within the content such as rage, loathing and fear.

The Adorescore

The 8 emotional indexes

The emotional indexes are a simple framework for communicating the position of a brand in relation to an industry average or competitor. We currently provide 8 indexes Joy, Trust, Interest, Surprise, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, Fear. The emotional content of data is broken down into 8 Emotion Indexes, with each being scored out of 100. The score represents the extent to which the emotions are associated with the index are prevalent in the analysed content. The higher the number, the higher the emotional language.

Each index comprises of low, medium and high impact emotions.

Emotional Indexes Graph
Index LabelLow ItensityMedium ItensityHigh Itensity

Our unique approach has proven business benefits