Hello from Adoreboard

We believe that Emotional Intelligence is the new frontier for brands to connect better with customers’ emotions. As a spin-out from Queen’s University, Belfast our applied research in this area has created a new type of technology in the emerging field of emotional analysis. The result is a world leading emotional analysis platform to help brands transform customer experience by turning customer interactions from any source into unique Emotionally Intelligent Insights.

Adoreboard at Field Work Event

Our Vision

Our technology delivers the next generation of emotional intelligence insights. We’re committed to making a change in how brands and agencies use data to connect with people in a more human way. We want to unlock more emotional meaning  and impact in the way businesses communicate and the way people brands behave.

We want to make brands more effective but also more ethical and authentic. We reveal audience insight on any content, empowering brands to harness the power of now. We exist to generate value for the customers we serve. We do this by connecting the dots between action and emotion – revealing a truth more real than brands can glean from any survey, analysis or technology in the world today.

We are Adoreboard.