Understand Customer Emotions in Real-Time

How customers feel about their experiences with a company can improve or damage the perception of the brand. Our real-time emotional analytics solution enables you to ‘Hear the Voice’ of the customer in real-time. This ‘self service’ capability is perfect for agencies and organisations that want fast, accurate results over many areas, brands or clients.

Product shot of Adoreboard
Track and measure brand performance, get real-time updates on customer experiences, campaign effectiveness or competitors

Measure & Analyse for Rich Emotional Insights

Adoreboard enables brands and marketers in real-time to discover deep insights into how their customers feel about them online powering better decisions for better marketing. Adoreboard’s dashboard has delivered business impact for a range of organisations from providing significant time saving or providing a new insight on brand or competitor performance.

Real-Time Emotional Analytics in 60 Seconds

Learn in 60 seconds how our real-time emotional analytics can help your brand measure and improve brand performance. This explainer video provides a comprehensive overview of how you can get the most from our real-time analytics software.

"Adoreboard replaces the need for any manual intervention for evaluating the success of digital campaigns. This saving can be measured in weeks. I’d recommend Adoreboard as the user experience is top notch and the customer support is fantastic."

Maria Flood Digital Marketing Three

Features & Insights

Track & Connect

Adoreboard allows you to track tweets, Facebook new articles & blogs from over 60,000+ sources for deeper insights.

Measure & Analyse

The Adorescore acts like a stock price for brands providing a real-time pulse on brand and competitor performance.

Emotional Insights

Adoreboard uses mathematical algorithms to identify over 20 emotions so feelings such as joy, rage or trust can be measured in real-time.

Real-Time Brand Alerts

Adoreboard provides real-time intelligent alerts delivering the most important insight to your inbox.


Compare how effective your campaign has performed with metrics on brand score, emotion and reach of content.

Customised Reporting

Customise brand reports to be sent straight to your inbox providing a beautifully designed brand snapshot.

The Definitive Customer Experience Metric: Adorescore

Adorescore is a stock index for emotional engagement. Just like a megapixel indicates the quality of an image, or the carat count gives a shorthand indication of a diamond’s quality, the Adorescore allows any brand to understand its current, real-time emotional value.

In just one single metric, Adorescore defines  your brand’s emotional impact. We take relevant info from a huge range of data sources and distill emotional responses and attitudes into one single unit. Any fluctuation in your Adorescore is an alert that allows you to evaluate or realign marketing activity in an instant.

It prevents damage to reputation before it happens, by identifying risks and providing the insights you need to take action. Even better, it’s the first comparable metric to provide in-depth insights on your competitors performance.

The result is a supersensitive scale that  accurately measures the emotional responses to your brand and its behaviour. The scale goes from -100 to 100. We reduce the level of complexity to give brand managers an instant indicator of how people are feeling about your brand, media campaign or competitors. This allows you to see if your brand is being adored (a high score) or floored (a low score). Behind that score is accurate, real time intelligence that tells you exactly how the world feels about your brand.

Real-Time Emotional Analytics is effective in helping

PR Agencies

Reduce the time to complete data collection, analysis and reporting on major campaigns that will impress clients.

Brand Owners

Reduce the costs and time taken to understand customer emotions – helping you to retain and grow the customer base.

Marketing Teams

Do more, more quickly in monitoring and responding to customer experience so you always stay in control of brand performance.

Digital Managers

Reveals new insights at every stage of the customer journey to enhance messaging, responses and content.