Can Apple take on Netflix and Amazon Video?

With Netflix and Amazon original productions increasing in popularity, it isn’t surprising that tech giant Apple want to get on board.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook revealed his plans to expand Apple TV with the introduction of some original content. Cook said that Apple will “participate in the changes that are going on in the media industry”.

The popularity of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video prove the rapid growth of on-demand entertainment and the decline in everyday television shows.

How will Apple TV original productions compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

We used our emotion analysis tool Emotics to analyse over 9,000 mentions of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple to uncover the emotions felt around each brand. Revealing the emotions behind mentions online can help us to understand not only how people feel about a brand but what is driving these feelings.


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All three companies have positive Adorescores with Amazon Prime taking the lead at 52. Mentions of Amazon Prime’s student discount offer increases the level of joy throughout the mentions. Amazon currently offer a 6 month free trial and a 50% reduction in joining fee for students. Further mentions of Amazon include praise for the extensive catalogue of films and TV shows including Emmy nominated Transparent and the popular The Man in the High Castle.

Netflix, the original streaming giant with worldwide success, followed with an Adorescore of 44. The main emotion which emerged throughout the content was trust. Netflix have a large subscription base and have generated some of the most talked about and watched content, winning many awards for their original content along the way. Trust comes through in mentions of new shows such as Netflix’s Original A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Santa Clarita Diet. Netflix produce hit after hit, with past successes being House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things – all Emmy award winning shows. This streak of top notch shows has lead to increased trust among users as they are constantly receiving high level entertainment.

Apple places third with the lowest (yet still positive) Adorescore of 42. The main emotion within the content is trust. Apple are a leader technology with millions of loyal fans lining up at stores the moment a new product is released. Apple’s expansion into music streaming has taken on Spotify with great results and there is no doubt that their step into original video content will prove to be a challenge for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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