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Case Study

Easyjet: Driving click-through rate by 44% based on emotions

Easyjet used emotion analysis to predict a 44% increase in content click-through rate.


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13% increase in click through rate

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Optimised email content

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More personalised and emotionally engaging CX



Easyjet is Europe’s leading airline, operating on over 600 routes across more than 30 countries, with a fleet of over 200 Airbus aircrafts.

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  • Optimising customer engagement in a crowded market
  • Creating more personalised and emotional customer experiences
  • Enhancing the customer experience by understanding the importance of optimising all aspects of its communication
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Adoreboard software was able to analyse the emotions contained in each email.

We used regression analysis on the data to understand the relationship between emotion in content and behaviour, such as click-through rate. Based on the analysis, Adoreboard was able to optimise email content in order to increase click-through rate.

Picture of Tania Mag, Head of Data Planning and Analytics at Havas

My belief is that emotion analysis provides a new layer of insight that was previously unattainable which can provide the golden nugget that all data analysts have been searching for.

Tania Mag, Head of Data Planning and Analytics at Havas

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