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Case Study

Havas: Optimising customer emotion to drive engagement

Enabling Havas to reposition The Co-Operative Bank as a customer-led ethical bank


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Evidenced how specific emotions could align with consumer behaviour to best align The Cooperative Bank with its ideal customer

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Significantly increased click through rate by focusing on emotional responses

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Created best practice for improving CX using emotion AI



The Cooperative Bank is a leading UK high street and internet bank providing everything from current accounts to credit cards and loans.

Havas were asked to help the Cooperative develop their customer experience, while positioning it as the only high street bank with a customer-led ethical policy.

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Havas challenge was two fold:

  • Quantify the emotional reaction to Cooperative Bank’s messaging and create a new persona best reflecting their ethical stance
  • Evidence the difference in the tone of communication that aligned with this persona and drove action
  • Create a new approach to CRM that shifted their relationship with consumers from transactional to transformational
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Adoreboard emotion analysis enabled Havas to produce a persona to understand what emotions to improve:

Havas used emotion analysis to understand personas and what emotions and motivations underpinned each. This was then used to evidence what emotions triggered specific actions based on emotional or transactional communication. From this, Havas developed a CRM programme for Co-op to attract a new profile of customer to match the rise of ethical consumerism.

Picture of Alastair Pegg, Marketing Director  The Co-operative Bank

Havas’ creativity stood out during a rigorous process that ensured we chose a partner that will support our commitment to continuously improve the customer experience and build on our ethical credentials.

Alastair Pegg, Marketing Director The Co-operative Bank

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