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The Foundations of Customer Science

Wednesday 28 September 2022

[9am CDT; 10am EDT; 3pm BST; 4pm CEST]

We are delighted to welcome MadeFor (a leading CX training provider) to discuss customer science.

What is customer science? Put simply, it’s about applying the scientific method to data, in order to improve customer experience and lifetime value.

In this webinar, we’ll cover some of the fundamentals of customer science, including:

  • What is customer science and where does it ‘sit’ in an organisation?
  • What does a typical customer science project (and outcomes) look like?
  • What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?
  • What data do you need?
  • How do you get from raw data to useful insights?
  • How do you combine quantitative and qualitative data?

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