Design at the Heart of Your People Experiences

11AM Central Time, 22nd April 2021

AJ Thomas is not your ‘typical’ HR Leader. In fact she believes passionately in the power of Curiosity to transform how we work, live and play to create better Human Experiences. 🚀

AJ Thomas
AJ Thomas

In her role as Head of People Products Strategy & Operations Human Experience Design (HxD) X, the moonshot factory she lives this mission everyday. X is a moonshot factory. Its mission is to invent and launch breakthrough technologies that we hope could make the world a radically better place.

AJ is also a Civic Leader and social entrepreneur she founded BrainCandyLabs whose mission is one million acts of curiosity to design the future by girls aged 8-18

During this webinar you will be inspired by AJ to reframe HR as more about HX - Human Experience and leave with practical ways you can put design at the heart of your people experience.

Apollo 11 Launch in 1969 / Image: © NASA

Attendees Will Receive

10 Ways to Ask Open Ended Questions - Backed by Science

Brand Health Check (bespoke insight report)

Practical Guide to Predicting the Drivers of Customer Experience

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