Our Emotics™ software, gives you the power to analyse what feelings are expressed in any text. What’s more, you can identify why topics are driving emotions.

Adoreboard Scorecards versus Self-serve

Adoreboard provide fully-managed Scorecard reporting as part of our Services offering. We use our Emotics™ product on behalf of Marketing Agencies, major brand comparison, daily political reporting and executive team dashboards.

From time to time we encounter a company with a team that includes skilled Data Analysts. If this sounds like you, read on or contact us for a demo today.

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Using Emotics™ for emotion analysis

Emotion Analysis is a pathway to improving customer experience and loyalty. Our emotion analysis identifies the feelings expressed and the topics driving those feelings.

Use any data source

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Social Listeners (Brandwatch, Sysomos etc.)
  • News outlets (The Guardian, Newsdesk etc.)
  • Online forums (Netmums etc.)
  • NPS Verbatim
  • Customer and employee surveys (e.g. answers to open questions)
  • Online website or marketing content

Insight from your data

Any text can be uploaded to Emotics for full emotion analysis. Once analysed, Emotics provides a user friendly way to pull actionable insights from the data.

Insight data image

Previously unobtainable detail

An overall Adorescore is generated to provide an overview of the tone of the analysed content on a scale of -100 to 100.

The higher the score, the more positive the emotion intensity of the content. This result alone makes Sentiment Analysis obsolete and it’s only the initial stepping stone to the real business insights.

Analysis across 8 emotion indexes

Emotics allows the user to delve deeper into the content with a score on each of the 8 indexes.

Each indexes is further broken down to show emerging topics from the analysed content that drive each emotion and snippets of text that contribute to these topics. For example an analysis for an airline might have topics driving anger such as flight delays or bad customer service. Whilst, joy could be driven by a customer being upgraded or having a pleasant inflight experience.

Emotion indexes
Clear Insights

Categorised for clear insights

“Topics and Snippets” functions provide the user with clear insights into what is driving each emotion in the content and allow users to create actions using these findings.

Benefits of using Emotics™

  • Unlock valuable customer experience insights and emotional motivators to enhance brand and business performance.
  • A/B testing
  • Comparison of multiple datasets
  • Download data for further analysis

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