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Adoreboard's Emotion Analysis as a Service is a consultancy-led service that delivers emotional insights, providing the knowledge and insight you need, when you need it.

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Social media, News, customer surveys, NPS verbatim etc.

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Trends, nuggets and room for improvement.

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In-depth recommendations from our experts on a level of detail that works for you


A framework for ongoing improvement

We provide you with the insight and the action to better future business decisions.

Analytics as a Service delivers specifically and directly for you. It is being used by major organisations and agencies every day to deliver significant business value.

It is a combination of analytical algorithms, supporting software solutions and world-class data scientists and analysts providing valuable actionable insights.

Customer’s experience analysis is essential. Over 80% of customer decisions are based on emotion. We can use emotion analysis to monitor the emotional responses of your customers on your customer care channels.

The analysis will provide a breakdown of what factors of your service are driving specific emotions and provide clear actions should be taken to achieve the best possible emotional response from customers.

Trusted methodology

+5 Industry relative score

The Adorescore

The Adorescore is a high level performance indicator of how content or a brand is doing on an Index of -100 to +100. A high score means the content is largely positive in nature containing positive emotions such as joy, trust & amazement. A negative score would indicate mostly negative emotions expressed within the content such as rage, loathing and fear.

8 emotion indexes

Our intelligent Emotics™ technology analyses content on a 100 point scale across 8 separate emotion indexes. Comparative analysis can be used to perform root cause analysis on business performance overtime or against competitors.

  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Interest
  • Suprise
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Fear

We’re making sentiment analysis rendundant

Sentiment analysis tells you if something is positive, neutral or negative. This does not allow for meaningful tracking over time, or the understanding of the reasons why or what you can do about it.

An aggregate measure of the emotional intensity of text is more powerful than sentiment analysis as it gives a clear measure between -100 to 100.

This score can be compared with competitor scores or industry benchmarks, and variations can be tracked over time. Additional benefits such as quantitative and qualitative analysis from emotion analysis can take business benefits to a whole new level.

Sentiment analysis graph
Adoreboard Scorecards

Emotion analysis tells you how people feel about your brand product or service.

Using Emotics™, we transform your raw data into insights for business improvements. Our emotion analysis unlocks new insights into your customers’ emotions and the motivations for decision making.

We unearth emotional themes you can action by discovering why customers’ express emotions. With 80% of customer decisions driven by emotions – you simply must understand how people feel about your brand.

Insight as a Service

Adoreboard Scorecards don’t just identify trends that really only tell you what ‘could be’ an issue. Our analysis drills right down to cause to tell you precisely why key emotions are contributing to under-performing aspects of your product or service.

In this example (Acme LTD brand satisfaction review), our unique Emotics™ software categorises themes within the data.

We identified spikes in the emotion responses driving high levels of disgust, sadness and anger.

Delving deeper into the data snippets, we identified a slew of negativity specifically directed at customer service outcomes.

From a data source thousands of comments deep, several key snippets speak for themselves. Our report identifies several instances of ‘phone support ‘hanging up after an hour’.

We identified the top three locations by strength of emotion from overall complaints to pinpoint the source of the negative experiences. The outcome focusses on customer service recommendations: Is there a hang-up policy at our call centre? How do we improve support when our service goes down?

Using Adoreboard Scorecard to track and monitor improvements from new customer service policies has a tangible benefit to Acme LTD brand perception.

Adoreboard Scorecards

Gamer Experience


I swear @ACME always has a problem every month. PSN network down again. It would…

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data categorisation

@ACME your support service sucks. Im having a problem with my…

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ACME LTD Scorecard

Our recommendations focused on customer service recommendations

The Adoreboard Process

Our team of experts interpret emotion analysis conducted using our Emotics™ product and make tangible recommendations for improvement. We follow a tried and tested process to unlock valuable business insight on behalf of our clients.


We get to know your requirements and define a brief for our analysis and outcomes. We keep you in the loop when it comes to new discoveries and developments.


Supply your data as text from Brandwatch etc, or let Adoreboard gather the data for you from social networks, surveys, press, blogs, or source data from dozens of social listening tools (such as Netbase, Brandwatch, Sysomos, Sprinklr, Crimson Hexagon etc.)


Additional refinements to data content, context and meaning


Data is rigorously profiled across our unique system of categorisation across 8 emotion indexes


Interpret emotion indexes, topic analysis and identify trends. Explanations supported by evidence.


Adoreboard Scorecards provide evidence-based recommendations based on business performance, emotional motivators and In-depth insights with ‘what’ and ‘why’ outcomes.


A summary published on a schedule that suits you. You choose the frequency and level of detail required for ongoing observation and analysis (daily, monthly etc).

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