Analytics as a Service – Emotional Insights delivered to you

Analytics as a Service is a consultancy-led service that delivers the emotional insights, knowledge and insight you need, when you need it, without any action on your part. We have found many organisations don’t have the time to find the data sources, merge data streams and recruit data scientists to get to the required information and deliver results. 

Analytics as a Service takes away the pain and delivers specifically and directly for you. It is being used by major organisations and agencies every day to deliver significant business value. It is a combination of our patent pending algorithms, our supporting software solutions and world-class data scientists and data analysts enabling you to go from business problem to business decision in no time.

Providing deeper emotional insights, tailored to your needs

Our unique approach to consultancy combining the best minds and technology to transforms data into insights to deliver a significant business advantage for our clients. As every business problem is unique it requires human intelligence to provide the context to create the knowledge and understanding to solve problems. Our team of data scientists based at Queen’s University, Belfast work alongside you as your data insight partners to build the models, reveal the trends and most of all help tell the story from data in a human, connected way to business decision makers.

80% customer decisions driven by emotion

“Adoreboard has brought an innovation and uniqueness to our data and insights offering. We are working with them across some global projects for some of our most important clients. The mixture of technology and science as well as the personality of the team make them unique and valuable partners.”

Ben Silcox Chief Data Officer AnalogFolk
opinionated data recorded in digital forms

Adoreboard Approach

Integrate Data

We take a 360 view of customer experience, with data from a brand, customer and competitor perspective.

Measure Emotions

Traditional metrics reflect a rational evaluation of customer experiences revealing the emotional triggers.

Actionable Insight

Making decisions is powerful and Adoreboard provides the data insights to help you make powerful decisions.

Integrate Data for Deeper Insights

When business problems are complex and the outcome is unknown, it requires exploratory analysis. That means taking a fresh look at the business problem through different types of data. When data sources our known our partnerships ranging from to LexisNexis allow us to at speed reveal insights to questions ranging from voice of the customer, recruitment, brand reputation, sponsorship and campaign evaluation to competitor analysis. Often data audits reveal new sources that Adoreboard can integrate easily such as text from closed forums, survey results, ad copy or even customer feedback. The value of integrating data from different sources and types enables the marketer to have a holistic view on brand performance. For one global brand, Adoreboard was able to identify that a 7 point decrease in its Adorescore and a 5% increase to one specific web page served as an intelligent alert to a potential crisis allowing them to effectively understand where customers were going to receive updates.

Measure Emotions

Adoreboard’s technology provides a powerful and unique differentiator for any client project. Our ability to score and measure emotions from any content has won firms new business, optimised content emotion to increase email click, optimise Facebook adverts to increase click rates, A/B tested news releases for responding during crisis and created personalised programmes by aligning with emotions in content with audience personas. The Adorescore builds on over 10 years of research on communication and emotion from Queen’s University, Belfast to provide marketing attribution which is flexible as well as a cost and time effective solution. Whilst the business challenge might be different for every client our scientific methodology for quantifying emotions expressed by a brand or customer provides a measurement which delivers business impact.

Generate Insight into Action

Our team comprises of professionals with over 30 years of combined with brands such as SAP Business Intelligence, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. We’ve been on the customer side as well as consumers of analytics and we’ve heard all the breathless promises about the return on investment on Big Data as well. Adoreboard’s technology is different from any other vendor in the market as unlike others it focuses on the WHY rather than the WHAT has happened. Our experience has taught us that analytics by itself doesn’t solve problems. Adoreboard’s semantic engine creates connections between how people talk to each other in everyday life and how people feel. The results are tangible and impactful. Our typical engagements focus on solving the business problem by not only providing insights but actions which can be tested straight away using our agile marketing methodology.