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Competitor Benchmarking

See where you stack up against your competitors on emotions like trust

Why Competitor Benchmarking?

Benchmarking can help you put your emotion analysis in context, allowing you to quickly understand where you fit within your industry.

choose your competitors

Choose your competitors

Compare up to 10 competitors to find out how you compare on key emotions

Adoreboard’s platform Emotics enables you to create HX benchmarks by comparing the emotions felt towards brands, products and services.

see how you compare

See how you compare

Run the data through our emotion AI engine to reveal how your customers feel about you and your competitors

By analysing customer feedback from multiple sources you can measure performance. You can even do the same for employees.

Reveal decision ready insights

Reveal decision ready insights

Understand how to differentiate and compete in your industry by optimising key emotions

Turn customer and employee intelligence into competitive advantage with emotionally intelligent insights

Enabling Zone Digital data analysts to discover new digital customer experiences with Emotics

Get ahead of the game with competitive benchmarking

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