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Swot Analysis

Uncover your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Why SWOT Analysis?

SWOT provides the strategic lens to view customer or employee experience from the human perspective, based on emotional responses.

surface your strengths

Surface your strengths

Strengths are aspects of your CX that generate emotions like ecstasy and trust in high volumes

Maximise the themes that generate the most customer and employee delight to offset weaknesses

opportunities for strength

Build on opportunities for growth

Opportunities are aspects of your CX that generate emotions like admiration, but in low frequency

Capitalising on opportunities can lead to a big boost in your brand, encouraging future growth

transform your weaknesses

Transform your weaknesses

Weaknesses are aspects of your CX, be it customers or employees, that generate emotions like rage and anger in high volumes

Address or offset your weaknesses before they further damage brand reputation

control your threats

Control your threats

Threats are aspects of your CX that generate emotions like disgust and sadness, but in low frequency

If action isn’t taken and threats are allowed to spiral, they may become some of your brand’s biggest weaknesses in the future

Enabling AnalogFolk to increase buying behaviour across their client’s business

Prioritise your HX improvements
with Emotics SWOT Analysis

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