The Science

Discover the science behind our emotion AI technology

Adoreboard’s innovative Emotion AI platform was created by data scientists at Queen’s University Belfast, a member of the Russell Group ranking in the top 200 universities in the world.

Decision Ready Insights

The science behind Adoreboard is based on blending common sense reasoning with affective computing, an AI technology, to create an index for each primary emotion in Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions.

The Adoreboard Engine Explained

The Adorescore

Nike Adorescore
Trump Adorescore

The Adorescore is a metric which allows you to understand how well or badly your brand is performing. Based on an Index of -100 to +100 you can gauge quickly if your brand is Adored or Floored.

The Adorescore should be used as a signpost to understand the directional view of overall performance. If the Adorescore is below 20, you can explore why using the Rage, Anger, Disgust and Trust indexes. If the Adorescore is above 30 explore the positive indexes like Joy and Trust.



Interpreting relative performance is key to providing context for your results. A benchmark will allow you to do this by framing your data, to make sure you are asking the right questions. Is the brand performance above or below the average on Trust or Joy? Deltas emerging from the comparison will allow you to understand why a brand is above or below the industry average or benchmark.


Take Apple as an example

Apple Joy
Apple Anger

There are 8 Emotion Indexes based on a model of emotional intensity:

  • Each index is scored from 0-100
  • Each index consists of 3 emotions: the Joy Index moves from low intensity emotion Serenity, to a medium intensity emotion Joy, to a high intensity emotion Ecstasy

In the example for Apple, we can use the Emotion Indexes to undertake a root cause analysis. It then emerges that people love the in-store experience, and the help that they receive at the Genius Bar, but experiencing battery issues is having a disproportionate impact on customer experience.

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