Emotion analysis for employee retention

Thursday 29th February 2024: 7am – 8am (PDT), 9am – 10am (CDT), 10 am – 11am (EST)

Building meaningful relationships will be the key to retaining employees in 2024.

Quantifying their trust should remain a top priority if managers want to hold on to top talent.

By successfully utilising feedback surveys, you’ll be able to better understand what your next best actions should be for addressing concerns which may lead to churn.

Join Chris Johnston to explore the possibilities for your own EX program. Learn more about how to use AI-driven Emotion Analytics to:

🔍 Predict trust, retain top employees and drive eNPS.
💰 Calculate the ‘value at risk’ to prioritise your future actions.
📈 Instantly create an ‘Executive Ready’ Insight presentation for 2024 strategic initiatives.

Identifying key drivers of emotions and understanding the impact of each driver on business value will only lead to improved relationships and increased productivity.

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