We’ve already held this webinar – but don’t worry,  you can catch up here!


– the problem with sentiment analysis & why emotions matter 

– the key emotions that drive success for brand campaigns

– 3 steps for creating customer insight using emotion analysis 

Industry analysts Forrester have identified emotion analysis as the next wave of innovation to transform customer experience.

Being the first company to bring emotion analysis technology to the market, we have unique knowledge from lessons learned that others simply do not have. 

Dr Fergal Monaghan, CTO Adoreboard will share some key learnings:

– Emotional stats are a lot more relatable – a more powerful way to gain insights and recommendations than what has gone before

– The user doesn’t have to get their feet wet – stepping stones to insight/recommendation across the top of the stats

– The value of using emotion analysis – what’s driving the current emotional state of the audience, and which emotional themes present the biggest opportunity or threat

This is an essential introductory webinar for data analysts, insight teams or anyone interested in improving customer experience.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM BST Thursday 15th September