19th March 2020

This webinar runs at 3pm GMT on Thursday 19th March

Looking for the ultimate blueprint to using unstructured text to underpin data-driven customer journey mapping. Look no further.

During this live, hands-on webinar we will be showing you how to unearth ‘decision ready’ insights from unstructured text data like surveys and social data by mapping the customer and employee journey for better Human Experience.

During the webinar we will show you;

  • How to create your first customer & employee journey map
  • How to identify Decision Ready Insights across the journey
  • How emotion AI can facilitate speedy customer journey mapping
  • How to identify themes that drive high-intensity emotion and action to hit your business objective

This is a hands-on, live webinar using Emotics platform and lasting 30mins. Whilst the methodology we discuss can be applied outside the platform, Emotics makes the process much faster.

Registrants will gain complimentary access to Emotics for 14 days including Customer Journey Mapping and Qualtrics integration, alongside a recorded video of the webinar.