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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” (Jeff Bezos).

Emotion Analysis can unearth the hidden, gold nuggets that will make the difference to your business strategy in 2017.

This year there will be a new kind of business: a kind that doesn’t continue to use the logic of ‘touchpoints’, ‘goals’ and ‘conversions’ but who acts on what really drives people: emotion. But how do you use emotion to create better customer experience?

Hosted by Adoreboard, this webinar will address:
– why emotion analysis will be key to customer experience in 2017
– what the US Election tells about emotion versus logic & why this matters for customer experience
– how you can apply emotion intelligent insights to customer experience in 2017

This is an essential introductory webinar for data analysts, insight teams or anyone interested in improving customer experience.

Join us Thursday 19th January and find out why emotion is key to delivering far better customer experiences and how analysts to strategists can start using emotion analysis to drive their customer experience strategy in 2017.