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How do you analyse data:

Live webinar!

3 Ways to Deliver Customer Centric Insurance

Tuesday 31 May 2022, 10:00am Central Time

As Insurance firms modernise and create new business models to compete, becoming Customer Centric is key. This webinar will benchmark the leading Insurance firms Customer Centric performance to provide takeaways on how you can become more Customer Centric.

Join Adoreboard CEO Chris Johnston as he provides 3 practical tips for improve Customer Centricity. During this live webinar we will be showing you how to unearth ‘decision ready’ insights from unstructured customer experience data faster.

We’ll look at the pains of analysing open text verbatim manually, the limitations of sentiment analysis and how to overcome them by focusing on emotional response.

During the webinar we will show you:

– Map customer journey delight & friction points
– Benchmark competitor performance
– How to measure and identify trends over time
– How emotion AI can facilitate speedy SWOT analysis
– How to identify themes that drive high-intensity emotion

This is a hands-on, live webinar using Adoreboard platform. Whilst the methodology we discuss can be applied outside the platform, Adoreboard makes the process much faster.

Includes complimentary 3 Insights for an upcoming project.

Adoreboard is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics and featured in Forresters’ The Future of CX Measurement Report and EX Measurement Best Practices Report.