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The Emotion AI Platform

Adoreboard is an Emotion AI platform that turns text data from customer and employee feedback into business answers.

Key Features

SWOT Analysis

Competitor Benchmarking

Customer Journey Mapping

Measure Empathy

Integrate Multiple Sources

Swot Analysis

Adoreboard assigns emotions and themes into Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats so you can take a strategic view of your customer or employee experience

Competitor Benchmarking

Automatically generates benchmarks to generate insights on how you compare to competitors and the specific aspects of CX that you need to improve or optimise

Customer Journey Mapping

Provides a window into the causes of emotional responses by providing a warning system for emotions that provoke actions

Measure Empathy

Measure the intensity of emotion expressed by customers across 8 Emotion Indexes and 24 emotions to pinpoints emotions driving themes that damage or improve the perception of CX

Integrate Multiple sources

Enables a 360° view of customer by connection with NPS, CSAT, product reviews, social data and tools like SurveyMonkey and Zendesk

Why Adoreboard?


Adoreboard goes further than NPS, revealing exactly why customers feel the way they do through state-of-the-art Emotion AI technology.


Created by data scientists at Queen’s University Belfast, Adoreboard uses Artificial Intelligence to identify human emotions based on a scientific framework.

Emotics Platform


Analyse millions of characters in over 70 languages, at speed, to provide a highly scalable and robust solution for your Voice of Customer and Employee programme.

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