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Customer Experience
Previously, it took several people about a week of workshops to get from data to actionable insights. Now, 75% of executive time is saved by providing Adoreboard’s synthesis and Decision Ready Insights directly to the CX teams so they can focus on developing solutions that improve customers’ experience.
Customer Experience
To date, over 400,000 surveys from patients have been collected in real-time with almost 50% of all surveys containing a feedback comment. Adoreboard automated insight generation enabling executives to take action more quickly.
Employee Experience
Allstate used Adoreboard’s journey mapping to understand the drivers of key emotions at various stages of the onboarding process. This enabled them to improve processes, resulting in a 20% decrease on employee onboarding time.
Customer Experience
How Aesop created a seamless omni-channel customer experience from stores, online and delivery touch points using Emotion AI.
Employee Experience
Workvivo by Zoom has achieved an 8% increase in employee engagement from customers who have deployed the Adoreboard platform to complement their employee listening strategy over a 14-month period.
Customer Experience
Behave have been working with TikTok since 2019Using Adoreboard, they’ve helped the brand explode into the social media powerhouse we know today by identifying emotional motivators of users to improve their experience.
Employee Experience
Adoreboard’s Emotion AI was applied to Millennial pension survey and social data. Disconnects were identified that if rectified could result in a $1.5bn per year (£1.2bn GBP) increase in UK pension contributions from this younger generation.
Customer Experience
How Adoreboard insights allow Primark to design and deliver a better customer experience based on facts and share best learnings across the entire organisation.
Customer Experience
One one of the biggest names in global logistics and delivery reduced manual analysis by 93%, generated ‘unknown’ insights to improve operations and reduced speed to insight from weeks todays using Emotion AI.

"Over the last five years, working with Adoreboard has been a revelation. We increased our NPS by 13% and our satisfaction quarter-by-quarter.”

Damien Lloyd,

National Director - Clinical Governance, Healthscope, Australia

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