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Analyse 1,000 Customer or Employee comments for drivers of emotion in under 30 seconds and produce a Decision-Ready Insight presentation in one click.

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Human Experience Insights

Human Experience Insights Human Experience (HX) measures employee and customer experience so you can prioritise decisions based on the drivers of emotional intensity

HX Human Experience Framework

Adoreboard provides the definitive way to measure Human Emotion.

Great Brands Measure Customer and Employee Emotions

Emotion analytics for better HX

Our customers use Adoreboard to measure and improve Human Experience through root cause analysis - going beyond ‘what people do’ to ‘why they do it’.

Customer Experience

Act on decision-ready insights that explain why customers feel a certain way with steps to improve CX

Employee Experience

Identify how employees feel to drive engagement, reduce attrition and attract the best talent

Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmark performance against competitors to learn how to differentiate and compete for better HX

Swot Analysis

Apply emotion analysis for turning HX insights from SWOT into an innovative business strategy

Brand Empathy

Use our measurement framework to create an action plan for closing gaps in brand empathy

Customer Journey Mapping

Map how your customer feels at every point of the customer journey to optimise loyalty

Adoreboard named Gartner Cool Vendor in Customer Analytics 2019

Gartner Cool Vendor

Upgrade your Analytics

Unlike other text analytics tools, Emotics does not rely on rules and goes beyond sentiment. Upgrade your analytics to gain insight faster and reveal more from new and existing data such as...

NPS verbatim icon

NPS Verbatim

Enable your Voice of the Customer analysis to go beyond the typical insights gained from NPS or CSAT text responses and get to the why’.

ratings and reviews icon

Ratings and Reviews

Identify the feelings and themes driving reviews to understand what exactly is contributing to the sales performance of your product based on customer generated content.

Helpdesk icon

Helpdesk Tickets

Discover the key issues driving emotional response in order to prioritise support areas and reveal opportunities to improve customer experience.

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Case Studies

Increasing NPS by 2.5 points by understanding Patient emotions

Adoreboard enables real-time understanding drivers of patient emotion providing actionable intelligence.

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Franklin Templeton: Billion Dollar Insight for Employee Experience

Enabling Franklin Templeton define the drivers of the 'emotional experience gap' for UK millennials

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Telstra Wholesale: Increasing speed to Insight on NPS verbatim by 75%

Enabling Telstra Wholesale to reduce time converting NPS voice of customer survey data to insights

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Forresters' The Future of CX Measurement
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