We unlock valuable Customer Experience insights and Emotional Motivators to enhance Brand and Business Performance

Used by Adoreboard’s team of consultants, or in the capable hands of your in-house analysts, our data-crunching Emotics software provides world leading emotion analysis for strategists, data analysts, brand performance executives, customer care and marketing executives.

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We specialise in Emotion Analytics, a pathway to improve customer experience and loyalty. Our emotion analysis identifies the feelings expressed and the topics driving those feelings.

With Adoreboard and our Emotics™ software, you can analyse your own data, competitor data, or compare it to industry benchmarks.

How it works


Take data from social networks, surveys, press, blogs, or source data from dozens of social listening tools (such as Netbase, Brandwatch, Sysomos, Sprinklr, Crimson Hexagon).


Run it through our Adoreboard Emotics™ engine.


Turn it into evidenced, actionable insights, with the help of our 8 individual emotion indexes and topic analysis.


Apply these insights to solve business problems, improve customer experience and make informed decisions.

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Decision Ready Insights

A few examples of outcomes from our Emotics™ product


Emotion Analysis of How People Feel Towards Acme LTD

Product: Emotics™

Our intelligent Emotics™ technology analyses content on a 100 point scale across 8 separate emotion indexes. Comparative analysis can be used to perform root cause analysis on business performance over time or against competitors.

  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Interest
  • Surprise
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Fear

Emotion Themes Driving Disgust, Sadness and Anger

Consultancy: Insight as a Service

Using Emotics™, we transform your raw data into insights for business improvements. Our emotion analysis unlocks new insights into your customers’ emotions and the motivations for decision making.


We unearth emotional themes you can action by discovering why customers express emotions. With 80% of customer decisions driven by emotions – you simply must understand how people feel about your brand.

  • Gamer Experience


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    @ACME how long is "some time", how long do I have to wait to play games that I PAID for on my own device. This is ridiculous.

    @ACME My ACME randomly shuts down. It's not every day but maybe every 4-5 days. What could be the issue? Live chat is down
  • Waiting Game

    @ACME Terrible customer support, 40 min wait on the phone, no chat option, and no response on twitter. Weak

    @ACME I was told to wait 24 hours TWO WEEKS ago for a forced password reset. Your chat support is no help. Fix this please

    @ACME Can you send me the email to change my password so I can play? I've been waiting for hours and am running out of time.
  • Poor Customer Support

    Extremely disappointed with @ACME customer service after today, little to no help

    @ACME your customer service is DISQUSTINGLY BAD!! #sortitout
    @ACME Why you don't answer any tweets?

    @ACME fix your broken links on your useless "support" forums. It's not a placeholder for true customer service.

    @ACME please answer me! I have sent two dm yesterday no response horrible service
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Emotion Analysis on what is being shared online, and why it matters

Ryanair Crisis: Customer Experience Grounded

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iPhone X or iPhone 8: Emotional Reaction to Apple’s Newest Launch

This week, Tim Cook and other Apple heavyweights took the stage at this years Apple Event to announce the latest product offerings. Amongst, the new products were the highly anticipated iPhone 8 and iPhone X. We used our emotion and customer experience analytics tool Emotics to uncover the key emotions and reactions behind the iPhone…

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Emotion Analysis versus Sentiment Analysis: Three Reasons why Emotion Analysis Wins

Milk and cookies. Pen and paper. Tequila and bad decisions. Sometimes, two concepts are so tightly interlinked that it’s easy to forget that they are in fact quite different. At Adoreboard, we often find that Emotion Analytics and Sentiment Analysis are one such pair. Sure, they both seek to understand nuances in customer data, and…

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