Businesses like Amazon, Allstate, and P&G use our text analytics SaaS platform to predict their next best action.

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Lea Karam - Consulting Director at Total Media

”Adoreboard is a great platform… I’m the biggest advocate”

Lea Karam
Behave's Consulting Director

Great brands predict with Adoreboard


What's holding your EX or CX text analysis back?

Does your text analytics tool give you unclear insights?

manual analysis

Too much manual analysis

word clouds

Vague word clouds

meaningless sentiment

Meaningless sentiment

There's a better way

Choose Adoreboard to analyse text and quickly predict drivers of NPS, CSAT, and eNPS scores.

Claim your predictions

Claim your predictive insights
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so how does adoreboard work?

Customers like Healthscope, TikTok and Amazon use Adoreboard to analyse unstructured text data and get predictive insights.


Integrate your data

Integrate your data

Adoreboard organises all your unstructured text data into themes, or drivers.


See VOLUME by driver

See Volume by Driver

We tell you what % of the feedback mentions each driver.


Analyse Emotion

Analyse Emotion

You then find out how your customers feel about each driver.

Analyse 1000 comments in 30 seconds

Predictive insights in a click

Adoreboard takes the above analysis and predicts which drivers will improve your customer and employee satisfaction scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely! You can analyse any unstructured text data (employee or customer sourced) with Adoreboard.

It is a single measure of the overall emotional performance of a dataset. This number is measured on a scale of -100 to +100. The higher the number the greater the level of positive emotions. The lower the score the greater the presence of negative emotions.

Think of us as an alternative to TextIQ or XM Discover.

We integrate with Qualtrics, and analyse your survey responses to produce predictive insights.

A number of our clients use Adoreboard across different languages and haven’t experienced any problems.