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Adoreboard Scorecards provide Agencies with previously unobtainable insight and a flexible approach to your analysis services.

Who uses Adoreboard Scorecards?

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AnalogFolk is a global digital creative agency that provides data intelligence and delivers brand experiences for a wide range of brands like Nike, and BT.

Adoreboard helped transform the efficiency and effectiveness of a large FMCG clients’ customer acquisition.

How they use our scorecards


All retail products face the challenge that 40-60% of purchase decisions are made instore.

Where there is limited opportunity to engage. Discovering what emotions drive purchase behaviour is key to creating a more relevant brand.

The Adoreboard approach

Analysis for Product Sales Optimisation

By understanding emotional brand responses to content that resonate best, brands can create new content that aligns with the customers need. In this way the creative content creates emotional motivators for purchase before customers even enter the store.

Adoreboard Analysis Package

Data Gathering

A/B Comparison

Weekly Analysis

Adoreboard Scorecards

Action from Insight

What is the outcome?


Using Adoreboard’s emotion analysis tool, they were able to understand the emotional responses that lead to buying behaviour. With this knowledge, Analog were able to create content highly aligned with customer needs. This enabled Analog to create a scalable content solution providing a predictable emotional response.


Emotion analysis has moved the firm from a functional approach to marketing to a more context driven marketing strategy based on emotion. The result, more efficient marketing spend and better results.

  • Optimised cost per clicks by 50%
  • Reduced bounce rate on content by four times
  • A global approach by firm to optimise product descriptions for emotions which align most with customer wants and needs
  • 2% increase in brand consideration

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