Qualtrics X4 Key Takeaways: Be Inspired, Learn & Connect

Touch down Salt Lake City for Qualtrics X4!

If you’ve never been to X4 the closest parallel I could give you is South by Southwest (SXSW) purely from the sheer number of people attending & the sense that everyone is there to ‘be inspired’, ‘learn more’ and ‘be more connected’.

And depending on who is playing at the closing party last year the Killers, this year the BackStreet Boys – you might get close to what it’s like to attend Coachella as well (full disclosure I’ve yet to attend).

So, ‘Be Inspired’ here are the key takeaways:

Lindsey Vonn Olympic gold medallist gave a great insight on GRIT:

  • Success needs a plan 
  • Once you have a plan you need grit
  • Develop your grit by combining your passion and hard work
Lindsey Vonn

Michelle Obama, former first Lady says we need the support of others for success:

  • You can’t & shouldn’t go it alone
  • Develop your ‘cabinet’ of advisers around your kitchen table 
  • Pick a leadership challenge worth solving, the more rooted in genuine change the more authentic you are as a leader
Michelle Obama

Dwyane Wade NBA Hall-of-Fame provided a 3 step plan to tap into & awake the leader within: 

  • Step 1: Integrity & integration have the same route source – wholeness. Be accountable for your actions in everything that you do. 
  • Step 2: Choose to “Do” or choose to “Not Do” – make an empowering choice as possible. By not taking an action you still are making a choice. 
  • Step 3: Embody the leader within by recognising your responsibility to encourage others to lead. 

Next up, ‘Learn More’— here are the key takeaways:

  1. AI was the headline act: AI took centre stage for Qualtrics with a huge focus on how GenAI is going to help frontline folks connect with customers and employees. 
  2. Predictive Insight: The more interesting presentations we attended focused on forward leaning approaches to insights using predictive analytics. 
  3. Connect to bottomline: The most buzz that was created was around presentations that connected the dots between CX and EX initiatives to bottom line impact. 

And finally, Connect More: 

X4 did a better job this year on the layout of the convention centre enabling more interactions, easier places to meet and a flow that made it more likely you’d naturally ‘bump’ into people you know. 🙌

For me X4 is all about connecting more! 

Adoreboard is super lucky that 70% of our customers use Qualtrics and combine with Adoreboard to create predictive insights. 

I was fortunate enough to catch up with our customers like SCCU and Scholastic Book Fairs amongst others. 😊

If you missed it here are some of the most impressive Qualtrics X4 talks of 2024 Salt Lake City

Now for a bonus and a bit of fun …

5 Lessons on CX & EX from Backstreet Boys

This one went down well on Linkedin….so, here we go;

What an incredible week Qualtrics x4 in Salt Lake City! Picture this: you’re at a summit all about Experience Management, diving deep into serious strategies, and then BAM! The Backstreet Boys hit the stage for a live concert! 😱🎤

But wait, amidst the catchy tunes and killer dance moves, I hear you say, how do justify the fact that you’re out of office says were at a Customer and Employee Experience summit

So here are some Backstreet Boys ‘takeaways’ to share with your colleagues based on the striking parallels between their hits and key business insights.

🎶 So, here are 5 surprising lessons gleaned from Backstreet Boys songs that rocked not just the stage, but also our business minds:

1. I Want It That Way: Clear Communication is Key! 🗣️

Just like we want clarity in our Backstreet Boys lyrics, our stakeholders crave transparent communication. Clear expectations lead to trust, folks!

2. As Long As You Love Me: Consistency is Everything! 🔄

Like the steadfast love professed in this tune, consistency breeds loyalty. Stay true to your promises, and watch the trust grow!

3. Shape of My Heart: Empathy Wins Hearts! ❤️

Understanding and empathy, just like the heartfelt lyrics of this song, forge deeper connections. Walk a mile in your stakeholders’ shoes!

4. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back): Inclusivity Rocks! 🌈

Just like everyone’s invited to the Backstreet Boys party, inclusive environments foster trust. Celebrate diversity and recognize individual contributions!

5. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely: Authenticity Rules! 🙌

Be real, be vulnerable, just like our favorite boy band. Authenticity builds trust that lasts through the ages!

So there you have it, folks! Who knew a summit could be both serious AND seriously fun?

 🎉 Here’s to learning from unexpected places and grooving our way to success!

🍀Just a wee jaunt…🇺🇸
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