Trust Builders – podcast with Bruce Temkin, Qualtrics XM Institute

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Featuring Godfather of Customer Experience, Bruce Tempkin. rust Builders, the podcast for CX and EX professionals, kicks off episode 2 in style.

Join us as we welcome Bruce Temkin, Former Global Head of Qualtrics XM Institute, to unravel the intricate dynamics of consumer trust.

We’ll explore the XM Institute’s proclamation of 2024 as “The Year of Trust”, and get to the bottom of the misconceptions about trust and its implications for crafting effective CX strategy.

You’ll also find out how the world’s leading companies have harnessed the power of trust to build unwavering loyalty and catapult their brands to the forefront of their respective industries.

Don’t miss out on this discussion that could redefine the way you approach customer engagement.

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Here is Part 2: Trust Builders: Bruce Temkin pt2 – Humanity @ Scale

Head on over and enjoy! 🙌

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