Trust Builders – podcast with Bruce Temkin, Part 2: Humanity @ Scale

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⭐ Listen to Part 2 of the Trust Builders podcast with Bruce Temkin talking Humanity@Scale 🚀

“Trust is an incredibly valuable asset that organisations don’t yet recognize the value of enough..”

– Bruce Temkin

In part 2, discover Bruce‘s epiphany moment 🤔⚡️ that inspired his latest endeavour, Humanity@Scale, and gain #insights into his vision for the years ahead and to leaving a legacy.

We discuss how scaling human-centric approaches alongside traditional spreadsheet #metrics requires a nuanced approach.

How understanding both the #emotional drivers and the quantitative outcomes is essential for creating meaningful experiences and driving long-term engagement and #retention.

Bruce talks us through approaches and methods to scale a human-centric approach and get buy-in from #stakeholders by creating a holistic measurement framework.

This ‘Part 2’ bonus ties in nicely with Trust Builder’s co-host Alex Genov who shares his experience as Head of Customer Research with Zappos Family of Companies* and how they were one of the early innovators in “non-scaleable”, human-centric approaches, something that has paid dividends over the years and positioned them as #CX leaders.

💡* If you don’t know the Zappos story, they are famous for being #pioneers in CX & EX, offering the best #experiences in the world. As a shoe-retailer startup, their proof of concept approach was an extremely labour-intensive, manual process whereby they visited local stores to both photograph products and then fulfil their orders. Zappos were also the first online retailers to offer zero-hassle returns (very #novel in it’s day) and their #CEO personally handled customer support whilst they grew. These pioneering, unscalable approaches heavily contributed to them becoming one the biggest retailers in the US.💡

🤖 And yes, we dip into #AI and how it will become an important tool in scaling the unscalable, but remember folks; it’s only a tool, not a solution.

Listen and enjoy! 😊

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