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Primark Uses Predictive Insights to Model a 25% Reduction in Churn

How Adoreboard insights allow Primark to design and deliver a better customer experience based on facts and share best learnings across the entire organisation.

Primark is a global retailer of fashion goods to a range of audiences in a very fast-moving and competitive environment.


Primark uses social listening platforms to capture data and required a solution to reduce the manual analysis to understand the drivers of customer satisfaction relative to competitors.

Key challenges included:

  • Business challenge is transforming the Primark in-store Customer Experience (CX) to drive customer preference, consideration and sales.
  • Need to understand the key themes impacting customer experience to reduce churn & detractors whilst positioning brand to disrupt competitors
  • A root cause analysis of the key themes impacting customer journey to to match investment in store refurbishments or acquisition


Key solution included:

  • Integration of 4 million data points from social, reviews and news articles to provide a 360 view of CX
  • A priority decision matrix to help prioritize key emotions impacting brand in order to help direct operational decisions to build better CX
  • ’Decision Ready Insights’ delivered for excutive board members

Primark identified that an investment in upgrading stores globally was generating 20% more anger. On closer analysis, this was due to the brightness of the lighting and the sharpness of mirrors installed in changing rooms. This was ultimately causing people to abandon purchases.

Adoreboard’s software identified if resolved would reduce the number of people churning at purchase stage. The insight translated to an action and business impact on reducing customer churn.

Why partner with Adoreboard?

Adoreboard offers a new ability to produce more impactful, actionable insights from feedback and create a scalable solution to issues identified.

The numbers speak for themselves ↓

data points
reduction in manual analysis
predicted reduction in churn


data points
reduction in manual analysis
predicted reduction in churn
Industry: Retail
Company:  Large
Use Case:  Customer Experience
“Adoreboard significantly increased our ability to act on key insights to improve the NPS by reducing manual analysis.”
Emma-Louise Rea
CX Insights Manager
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