The Battle of The Beverages

The three largest soda companies in the US – Coca Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group – have been battling for the hearts of consumers for decades. There is still a debate over who is better.  This summer Pepsi are hoping to edge themselves closer to that coveted top of the league, with the […]

Rio Olympics 2016: Athletes’ Water Fright?

The Rio Olympics 2016 officially kicks off this weekend with the opening ceremony taking place in the Maracan Stadium which promises to be a great location with the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue towering over it. The Olympics this year has been marred by a lot of controversy due to the outbreak of the […]

Suicide Squad: Comic Book Wars

It seems like superhero movies are taking over – from Marvel’s Captain America, Avengers and Ant Man to DC’s Batman v Superman, the public can’t seem to get enough. This weekend marks the release of the new supervillain movie, Suicide Squad. After the recent backlash of negative reviews that Batman v Superman film received, will […]