Beyond NPS: Measuring Customer Experience for UK Banks

Customer experience is one of the last areas that banks have to differentiate themselves. The ability to understand the customer and act on how they feel will be the new frontier for innovation and will mark out those who win in a digital and consumer centric world.

The banking industry has been impacted by the rise in technology. Technology has transformed how customers interact with banks and enables banks to personalise their engagement. This has also led to greater transparency among banks as customers can publicly share their positive or negative experiences with the world online. Banks can use this technology to actively improve their customer experience or negatively impact it.

Delivering world-class customer experience means meeting the expectation of the customer at every step of their journey. For banks does this extend to sensitive issues like fraud? Using emotion analysis, our team of data scientists at Adoreboard analysed customer commentary on Twitter for 22 of the lead UK high street banks to uncover who provided the best and worst customer experience.

We have updated 2016’s Customer Experience Index to include the first half of 2017. The analysis reveals the top and bottom UK banks for customer experience and the issues driving key emotions towards each bank. Our emotion analysis tool Emotics can measure data for over 24 different emotions and provide insight into the themes behind each emotion.

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For a quick snippet of the analysis you can download the free infographic here.


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