Case Studies

Leading transport company deliver the goods with Adoreboard

April 14, 2023

This customer’s testimonial was given anonymously – they are referred to as [logistics and courier company] throughout.

As one of the biggest names in global logistics and delivery, [logistics and courier company] work with some of the world’s most well-known companies to ensure that their operations go as smoothly as possible. Whether this is delivering a product to an individual customer, or moving vast quantities of stock around the world, [logistics and courier company] keep it all ticking over.

Customer experience is pivotal to their short and long term strategy. [Logistics and courier company] has kindly joined us for this instalment of Adoreboard’s CX Leaders series to discuss how his team have used the platform when improving CX.

Gathering customer data on a global scale

With a network and customer base spreading to all corners of the globe, as well as focused heavily within the UK, [logistics and courier company] need to be constantly gathering data. Their ‘Voice of the Customer’ programme focuses primarily on their B2B supply chain clients and seeks to put their perspective and feedback at the core of their strategy. [Logistics and courier company] understand the importance of CX and the knock-on effects it has to a business’s bottom line.

This is even more relevant when the experience of the customer of a logistics partner like themselves has consequences for all parties involved. If a customer is having a bad time with their deliveries or transit, it’s a bad look for both businesses in the public eye and on the balance sheets.

Limited data makes for limited gains

[Logistics and courier company] needed to keep gathering data from their customers in order to keep CX as smooth as their delivery network. However, traditional methods weren’t yielding the returns to make lasting change. They weren’t giving an actual voice to the customer.

“The data was operating over a large number of accounts but only from a small subsection of people. We needed good response rates and constant follow-up with each customer in order to even start building improvement plans.”

By simply reaching out to existing customers and gathering qualitative data from select people around the businesses, [logistics and courier company]were only getting part of the story. What’s worse is that this incomplete data was soaking up too many hours of manual work to realistically provide much return on investment and effort.

“We were using a survey supplier and getting lots of responses from our customers but that needed manual work to sift through.”

[Logistics and courier company] realised that if they really wanted to gauge the Voice of the Customer, they had to accept that ‘voice’ meant more than words. It meant emotion, subtext, and an honesty that doesn’t necessarily come from being asked outright.

Structuring the unstructured

While their traditional methods of gathering customer information did yield a large amount of text-based data, sifting through it took a lot of time and was subject to human error. Thankfully, unstructured text is where Adoreboard really likes to shine.

“Being able to use a platform like Adoreboard saves us so much time by automatically analysing text data. It immediately provides the analysis and visuals to bring it to life and give us a platform to build on.”

The process of analysing their customer feedback in a simple, consistent manner has been invaluable when feeding back into CX plans, along with business development and renewal strategies.

[Logistics and courier company] get social with Adoreboard

One of the main reasons [logistics and courier company] reached out to Adoreboard was the need to gather more genuine, honest data from previously untapped sources and process it seamlessly.

When looking at renewal strategies for existing customers, along with business development plans, the team at [logistics and courier company] asked themselves a big question: how can they leverage existing online data to further proposals to their customers?

“We wanted to know: If we were working on an eCommerce contract, how we could compare them to their competitors through what their customers are saying about them?”

For example, a prospective customer’s own customers (we’re using that word a lot today, but this is CX Leaders, cut us some slack!) might be saying online that returns have been a painful process. [logistics and courier company] can then take this information and compare it to a competitor or existing customer who’s doing it better.

The Business Development team now have immediate, demonstrable data to show how signing a contract with [logistics and courier company] can identify and improve certain areas of customer experience. All great in theory, but where and how do you get this actionable data?

“Adoreboard helped us scrape other untapped sources like social media and TrustPilot for data that we were immediately able to analyse. We’d wanted to incorporate this into the Voice of the Customer programme with other providers but it wasn’t possible, let alone as easy as it was with Adoreboard.”

By taking what their customers’ customers were saying about them freely online, [logistics and courier company] use the Adoreboard platform to immediately gather this data and sort it into easily identifiable themes. From there, they use predictive insights to point out which drivers of CX can be targeted for immediate improvement with the best return on effort and investment.

It’s an invaluable tool to highlight where [logistics and courier company] have helped improve the CX of their existing clients, along with how they can improve it with perspective ones.

“It’s grouped data into key themes and drivers so quickly and this saves us so much time on manual labour. In practice it provides us predictive analytics on what we should be doing to improve by using research we didn’t have access to before.”

Predictions in practice

Predictive insights also demonstrate value to [logistics and courier company]’s existing customers. In the Summer of 2022 when most of the UK’s airports were in chaos, [logistics and courier company] came to the aid of some of their airline clients. As they worked in a baggage handling capacity for a number of major airlines, [logistics and courier company] used their access to the Adoreboard platform to try and tackle the increasing number of complaints flying in (pun intended).

“You can look at the volume of tweets per day referencing our clients and the platform organises them into themes, allocating them an emotional strength to pinpoint why their customers are angry or upset.”

There were a lot of people complaining about the lines outside airports alongside inquiries around earlier check-ins as a precaution. The team predicted that by addressing these concerns around early check-ins, their clients would see a drastic improvement to CX and a reduction in angry customer service calls.

Off the back of these insights, several airlines implemented ‘Twilight Drop-off’ systems so passengers could drop their bags and stay on-site at a hotel to assuage check-in concerns.

Sure enough, all airlines involved saw a demonstrable reduction in complaints and smoother check-in procedures moving forward.

So why Adoreboard?

The team finishes our conversation by summarising [logistics and courier company]’s relationship with Adoreboard and just how valuable it is to their strategy moving forward.

“Adoreboard simplify the entire research process and provide us with data that we didn’t have access to in a seamless, easy-to-use manner. We use social data combined with existing CX research to support our Business Development teams in addition to renewal plans with existing customers. If we have an internal research request we can turn it around in a day when it used to take weeks.”