Case Studies

Reducing employee onboarding time by 20% at Allstate NI

May 9, 2023


Allstate NI have worked with Adoreboard to reduce employee onboarding time by 20%.


Aligning recruitment marketing messaging with how people feel after they join a firm can make the difference from short to long term retention. Allstate NI wanted to test if the perception of employee experience created through marketing matched the reality for employees once they joined.

The business challenge identified was that if Allstate NI were to meet the ambitious goal of growing its employee population by 7 per cent and keep attracting the best talent in Northern Ireland, they needed to ensure that every step in the employee experience met and exceeded expectations, particularly the first act of joining.

In doing so, Allstate NI felt they needed to go further than a transactional survey and understand employee emotions so that they could place how employees feel at the centre of the decision-making process for business improvement.


Allstate NI used Adoreboard’s emotion AI platform to discover the emotions that people express around the experiences that matter most and through the isolation of the themes driving those emotions identified Decision Ready Insights.

A survey was used to collect open-ended questions to power a new approach to applying text analytics known as Emotion AI was used to understand the emotional motivators of newly joined recruits. The survey design, using open-ended questions, was based on a qualitative data technique called ‘memory writing’ (Haug, 1992). This method produces rich sources of qualitative data that lend to in-depth behavioural analysis. Other Adoreboard customers such as Unilever have used Adoreboard to apply the same methodology to collect richer insights.

New employees were asked to complete open-ended questions recalling memories of their first 90 days at Allstate NI. Adoreboard integrates with SurveyMonkey enabling responses to be seamlessly imported and analysed within the Adoreboard platform.

The results of the analysis showed that when comparing employees’ perception of the best things about working at Allstate NI to things that could be improved, topics relating to the on boarding process generated 65% less joy and 52% less trust.


Alerted to the insight, Allstate NI Leadership executives took immediate action to remedy key issues to remove feelings of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Remedying issues specifically onboarding and induction based on emotional response has resulted in a shift to a human-centric recruitment model. New approaches to manage expectations of existing employees and prospective employees have been designed and implemented.

More fundamentally, Allstate has embarked on a journey of shifting marketing campaigns to be human-centric across all marketing campaigns.

Allstate NI has changed how they advertise jobs to new recruits moving from the historical promotion of remuneration packages job roles to the things that really matter to the prospective employee such as the opportunity for personal development, growth, diversity and culture based on emotional responses.

As a result of these approaches, it has led to a 20% reduction in time to onboard new employees.