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Leveraging AI for Enhanced Employee Experiences: Workvivo & Adoreboard’s employee listening capabilities

March 25, 2024

Enhancing Trust in the Workplace: Workvivo & Adoreboard’s AI-driven Approach

In the intricate world of modern corporate culture, trust is the cornerstone of a thriving workplace community. It’s the vital bond that connects employees with their employers, fostering positive environments where innovation and productivity can flourish. 

In the post-pandemic era, the importance of building and nurturing trust in the workplace becomes increasingly clear. 

This is where the exciting work between Workvivo’s Boost Program and Adoreboard comes in, signalling a significant step forward in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to not just understand, but also enhance trust within the world’s leading organisations.

The Trust Paradigm Shift

The aftermath of COVID-19 has brought into focus the traditional aspects of workplace trust. Adoreboard’s recent study has uncovered a notable ‘trust deficit’ with a 10% decrease in employee trust within Fortune 100 companies. This extensive research looks at 750,000 online employee reviews spanning 45 months uncovering a series of challenges and opportunities for rebuilding trust in the workplace. 

The push for a return to the office, met with collective disappointment, underscores the delicate balancing act managers have to perform daily to satisfy operational necessities and employee welfare. 

Conversely, the pandemic’s unexpected ‘silver lining’, in the form of a newfound emphasis on work-life balance, has emerged as a beacon of hope, bolstering trust levels by 12%.

AI at the Heart of Trust

Enter Workvivo and Adoreboard’s AI-driven platform. 

By analysing emotional intensity in employee feedback, this partnership transcends traditional survey methods, offering a nuanced understanding of what matters most to the workforce. 

The AI’s prowess lies in its ability to dissect vast quantities of data, identifying underlying themes and emotions that paint a vivid picture of the organisational climate. 

This approach not only quantifies trust but uncovers actionable insights to nurture it.

The Workvivo Boost Program: A Case Study in Trust

The Workvivo Boost Program initiative, bolstered by Adoreboard’s insights, is a masterclass in strategic employee engagement. 

As a result of this collaboration, they witnessed a 5% to 8% increase in employee engagement over 14 months. 

By drilling down into the emotional undercurrents of feedback, Workvivo has been able to tailor interventions that resonate on a personal level, thereby cementing trust and loyalty.

Reimagining Internal Communications

The partnership also casts a spotlight on internal communications, a critical yet often overlooked driver of trust. The post-pandemic era has seen a 17% rise in negative emotions within workplace interactions, signalling a need for a strategic overhaul. 

By leveraging AI, Workvivo and Adoreboard are redefining internal communications, shifting from a one-size-fits-all approach to a nuanced, empathetic dialogue that acknowledges and addresses employee concerns.

The Future of Workplace Trust

The collaboration between Workvivo and Adoreboard highlights the possibilities in the future for workplace trust. AI not only listens but can understand and companies are now equipped to target fluctuating employee sentiment with precision and empathy. 

This partnership is not just about technology; it’s about reimagining the ethos of the workplace, making trust not just a metric to be measured, but a value to be nurtured in the hope of greater productivity and profitability. 

In conclusion, the collaboration between Workvivo and Adoreboard underscores the pivotal role of trust in the employee experience and highlights the transformative potential of AI in unlocking this potential. 

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