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Space Coast Credit Union Targets a 14% Increase in OSAT

SCCU reduced manual analysis by 90% and used root cause analysis and Emotion-AI decision-ready insights to create a scalable solution to resident’s pain points.

Space Coast Credit Union (SCCU) is one of the largest credit unions in Florida with 654,000 customers and 65 branch locations.


Space Coast Credit Union (SCCU) had no way of gaining actionable insights from member feedback due to the high volumes of open text. 

The scale of the dataset was unmanageable and manually analysing data was proving impossible.

Furthermore, new regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau demanded precise feedback management.


With Adoreboard, SCCU moved to a customer-centric approach by identifying emotional drivers through an impactful root cause analysis. 

  1. Eliminate manual analysis with automatic themes and sub-topics. 
  2. Move from sentiment analysis to quantifying emotional intensity and identifying serious complaints quickly.
  3. Move from word clouds summarisation of keywords to predictive insight.

Using Adoreboard’s automatic theme generation, there was a 90% reduction in manual analysis associated with reporting to senior management. SCCU were able to create a scalable solution to the resident’s pain points identified in feedback and actionable insights report.


Why partner with Adoreboard?

Adoreboard offers a new ability to produce more impactful, actionable insights from feedback and create a scalable solution to issues identified.

The numbers speak for themselves ↓

rows of data analysed instantly
predicted increase in OSAT
reduction in Manual Analysis


rows of data analysed instantly
predicted increase in OSAT
reduction in Manual Analysis
Industry: Financial Services
Company:  Large
Use Case:  Customer Experience
“Adoreboard enables us to prioritise our next best actions to deliver the best member experience possible.”
Valerie Pagan
Member Experience Manager, Operational Excellence
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