CX Industry Insights: Fredrik Wahlqvist, AnalogFolk

Fredrik Wahlqvist is a Data Solutions Architect at creative agency, AnalogFolk. He has over 15 years experience transforming data into marketing solutions. We sat down with him to discuss the value of Adoreboard to AnalogFolk’s data driven approach.

What is your role at AnalogFolk?

I’m a technologist at AnalogFolk and I work with data driven marketing. At AnalogFolk, we focus on helping our clients connect their brand with their customers to create positive experiences. Coming from a technology angle, my main aim is to connect the marketing and IT teams in order to help our clients achieve their ambitions of understanding the emotions of their customers, and facilitating great customer experiences.

How does Emotion Analysis enhance AnalogFolk’s delivery to clients?

Many of our clients often work in ‘silos’ and therefore have siloed capabilities. Working with companies like Adoreboard really helps us bring together both technology and creativity. Adoreboard’s emotional software analysis tool, Emotics, helps demonstrate our company’s capabilities by showing us what is possible for our clients, in terms of customer emotion and engagement.

Emotics facilitates this by looking at the complete end to end process, and analysing what drives consumer-brand engagement. I think it helps bring companies up to the next level. Not just by looking at the positives and negatives, but actually opening up the potential of a brand from an emotional, measurable, customer experience perspective.

How would you rate Adoreboard?

I have worked in technology for the last 15 years, both client and agency side for a number of different places. I think we’re coming to a time were technology is the forefront; where companies like Adoreboard drive much broader non-binary analysis. Adoreboard helps us to really understand the emotional intent of our customers, which helps us know what to scale, which, without Emotics, is very hard to do.

How does Adoreboard compare to other vendors you have used?

I think it is important to look at the company but also the people working in a company and how well the solution fits for achieving our clients ambitions, as well as our own. I think Adoreboard fits very well with what we are doing. From a technology perspective, I was very impressed with how they take something that is difficult to explain and make it much easier for people to understand, and really leverage in multiple ways.

What is the value of Adoreboard to companies like AnalogFolk?

From my point of view, sitting often between marketing and technology, people don’t always understand the value you can get with everything from content creation to analytics, and emotional insights, across product listening.

There are so many useful aspects of Adoreboard’s Emotics that people haven’t realised yet. Adoreboard can help drive content creation and, in our fast-paced world, understand anything from, for example, a recipe or how to create a blog post, to how to write banner ads. It’s such a versatile product.


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