Using Emotion Analytics to Make Better Decisions

Pitch season is upon us and agencies are competing to win new corporate clients, by finding new ways to stand out from the crowd. Recently we hosted a webinar to discuss how agencies can win brand pitches using Emotion AI. Adoreboard’s Emotion AI and team of data scientists enable agencies to tap into WHY customers express specific emotions towards brands to derive decision-ready business insights.

We know how busy you are and that you might have missed the live broadcast of our latest webinar, so you can access the recorded version here or simply read on for a short summary of the key takeaways.

Into the Unknown

Many of you may be familiar with the terms ‘known knowns’ and ‘unknown unknowns’ famously propagated by Donald Rumsfeld in 2002, when asked what evidence he had about the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. But did you know that the term ‘unknown unknowns’ was actually conceived 7 years earlier by Dr Kirk Borne is his seminal article ‘The Interaction-Activity Connection’?

Dr Borne is an astrophysicist turned data scientist and long-serving professor at George Mason University. The original article is fairly complex, so allow us to break it down for you: ‘Unknown Unknowns’ are essentially unforseeable things that we can discover, but we do not know anything about. Kirk Borne uses four types of algorithms in his work to define events on a scale of ‘known’ to ‘unknown’.

Dr Borne calls for a deep-dive, exploratory analysis of data in order to effectively predict these ‘unknown unknowns’ that can prove extremely valuable in business. This data odyssey through the ‘unknown’ serves as an excellent metaphor for unearthing and understanding customer emotion. Data analysis provides us with the tools to cut through the ‘unknown’ and uncover valuable business insights.

Searching for Clarity

Here at Adoreboard, we recognise that a ‘needle in a haystack’ approach to revealing insight from data is ineffective. In many ways you can’t find an ‘unknown unknown’ if you know what you are looking for – like a needle.  The combined power of our emotion analytics platform Emotics and our team of data scientists provides business with a laser-focused solution to optimise customer experience. Simply put, we can bring the murky unknown into sharp focus by using the lens of emotion analysis.We can do this in three simple steps:

Step 1: Integrate the data 

At Adoreboard we integrate data sources from surveys, NPS verbatim, social media, blogs, news and e-mail. We take this unstructured text and data and translate it into emotional insight. If you already have access to a social intelligence tool don’t worry– our product integrates with and complements this tool.

Step 2: Understand what drives emotions

Once the data goes through our system, we apply a framework. The first part of this framework is the Adorescore.  An Adorescore is a high-level performance indicator of emotion in content measured on a scale of -100 to 100. This provides a directional view of data across our 8 emotional indexes. The exploratory analysis comes in by using the Indexes to uncover what emotional themes are the biggest contributing factors.

Step 3: Create decision-ready insights

The third step is the ability to take decisive and targeted action using this information. To do this, let’s look quickly at an Adoreboard case study. We worked with a leading public transport provider and discovered that the ‘unknown unknown’ that was impeding good customer experience was poor WiFi connection on the network’s trains and buses. Once the company acted upon this insight, by investing £500,000 in the WiFi service, this led to a 74% decrease in detractors and increased positive social mentions of the network’s WiFi service by 500%.

Three Key Webinar Takeaways

The three key takeaways from the webinar are summarised here:

1. Discovering the ‘unknown unknowns’ – Use the data insights to tell the audience something that they don’t know, and will provide real business value.

2. Benchmarking with audience emotions, life and experiences – Adopt a consumer perspective: How can you tap into broader concepts in the life of the customer? This gives you fresh, robust and innovative ways of thinking about the brand.

3. Overcoming the emotional disconnect between the brand and consumer – Remember, it’s not about the data; you shouldn’t simply present data to decision makers. Instead there should be an emphasis on decision-ready insights which enable immediate action.

Connecting the dots

So, to conclude, let’s not get lost in the things we don’t know, in the world of ‘unknown unknowns’. Instead, let’s take decisive action to dissect the existing data into manageable chunks, revealing the underlying insights. Emotion Analysis provides us with a new tool to turn ‘unknown unknowns’ into ‘known knowns’, and consequently into valuable business insights. As we find ourselves in an age of digital disruption, brands increasingly require new tools and approaches to better understand customer experience.

This is where we come in. At Adoreboard, our emotion analysis software Emotics allows us to measure the emotional intensity around customer experience. It unearths the underlying themes driving emotional response and provides detailed customer insights to improve customer experience.

Would you like to find out more? Access the webinar recording here


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