Is Employee Experience the Key to Customer Experience?

Employee experience

Customer experience is vital. How a customer engages with an organisation, and its employees, is paramount to gain that all important loyalty, ensuring return custom. Therefore, a positive correlation exists between customer and employee experience.

But how does this correlation work in practice? Take a basic interaction of a shop worker smiling at you, as a customer. The smile should make you immediately feel happy. However, you spot it’s a fake smile – you know that the shop worker’s boss has told their bored subordinate shop worker to ‘Smile More’ so they give out a cheesy grin to you, and every other customer.

The Temkin Group found that leading CX companies have 60% more engaged employees. Engaging with the idea of employee experience allows for a change. This forced interaction can turn into a genuine one where the customer sees a shop worker with a passion for their job and the shop they work for. This idea translates into a whole range of organisations, not just retailers – after all, don’t all organisations involve some form of interaction between employees and customers?

An easy way to discover employee experience is through our emotion analytics software – Emotics. This allows for the analysis of surveys that accurately judge employee experiences. One important aspect of the software is its ability to drive down into the language used by employees in surveys, to garner a clear understanding of the employee’s emotions whether they be joy, interest, sadness or more of the 24 emotions the tool analyses. It’s all well and good knowing about current emotional experiences of employees but what you do about it is when the Emotics analysis proves its use.

Emotics provides decision ready insights, giving proactive steps that can be implemented within the organisation to boost employee experience levels. How can you prove, however, that these improvements to employee experience have a tangible effect on customer experience? Our Emotics software works in a similar way to gauge customer experience – partly through their interactions with the organisation, a key marker of customer experience.

This analysis of social media, alongside customer surveys, provide proof of how improving employee experience, improves customer experiences. No longer can organisations drill their employees with a motto of ‘Smile More’ – instead, a proactive approach, tailored individually to the organisation and its stakeholders, is essential to improve employee experience – a factor that distinctly influences customer experience.

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