Adoreboard and All State NI in the Latest Forrester EX Report

EX Measurement Best Practices: New Data Sources, New Insights, And More Accountability.

We have been named in the latest Forrester employee experience research report: EX Measurement Best Practices: New Data Sources, New Insights, And More Accountability: How to Continuously Shape A PEAK Employee Experience by analysts Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian and Samuel Stern, September 2019.

Forrester is a global research company that anchors its research around what they call the “Age of the Customer.” The latest research “describes how EX leaders can measure EX in ways that are more efficient and more reflective of what matters to employees” and offers ways to act on human resource and employee data to create better employee experiences.

Here at Adoreboard, our focus is on Human Experience or HX. We believe that emotion is the uniting factor between both customer and employee experience. And that both CX and EX are directly influenced by each other. Find out more about our Human Experience Framework here.

The Forrester Report

The Forrester report highlights our latest HR and EX work with insurance technology firm Allstate NI. A project that resulted in a 20% reduction in the time spent onboarding new employees and the emotional intensity linked to poor induction led to the overhaul of the induction process.  A new approach which places peer to peer mentoring and collaborative learning at the centre and aims to mitigate negative emotions such as apprehension and ultimately improve the experience to reduce graduate attrition.

Forrester uses our work with Allstate NI as an example of how to design an EX measurement framework that links business operations to business goals. One of their recommendations for successful EX measurement. The report states, “To overhaul incomplete, and inconsequential EX measurement efforts, EX leaders must:

  • Design an EX measurement framework that links perceptions to operations to goals.
  • Define processes and create accountability for acting on EX measurement data.
  • Develop guidelines for sharing and prioritising EX measurement and data.”

The report outlines actions to be taken and real-life examples of companies reshaping their EX. The EX framework laid out by Forrester analysts at the end of the report provides checklists and information to get started with the “New Science of EX Measurement.”

Free Forrester Report

To celebrate being part of the Forrester report and Allstate’s success from applying Adoreboard’s analysis we are offering you the full report with compliments from us and Forrester. You can download it here

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