Game of Thrones: Which Ruler is the Most Loved or Loathed? (Contains Spoilers)

This week marked the end of Game of Thrones for another year. Season 6 ended in typical dramatic Game of Thrones style. The episode “Winds of Winter” written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss reached an all time ratings high for HBO with 8.89 million viewers tuning in to watch the final episode.

**SPOILER ALERT: Please do not read any further if you don’t want to know what happened in the season 6 finale! **

This season, the first one without the guidance of the books, had many jaw dropping scenes and plenty of reveals that viewers were waiting for. The three reigning high activation emotions related to the #GameofThrones episode were loathing, ecstasy and rage. With the dramatic events and character exits from this episode, the presence of loathing and rage is no shock. It is these emotions that get people talking about the show and keep viewers coming back for more.

We compared the three highest bidders for the Iron Throne: the newly crowned (who saw that coming?!) Queen Cersei, the Mother of Dragons Daenerys and the newly declared King in the North Jon Snow.

Cersei Lannister

The first “Queen” in our analysis is Cersei Lannister, probably up there among the most hated characters in the series. She knows how to use her power to get what she wants and she is no stranger to killing those who stand in her way. Her main motivation in earlier seasons was the protection of her children, but now that she is childless and sitting on the coveted Iron Throne will she turn full Mad Queen?
Cersei’s Adorescore for the final episode was a low -33, with the top two high activation emotions being loathing and rage. This isn’t surprising as the last episode saw her order the torture of Septa Unella and use wildfire to blow up the High Sparrow, a number of Tyrells and countless others in King’s Landing. This act ultimately led to the demise of her last living child, Tommen. We all know that Cersei is capable of anything and even though she is bridging on pure evil, we can’t wait to watch what she does with her newly acquired power in Season 7.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khalessi, Queen Across the Sea and Daenerys Stormborn, is our second claimant to the Iron Throne. With a large army, a fleet of ships and three dragons behind her, it is safe to say that she has a good chance of getting what she wants. As the daughter of the “Mad King”, Aerys Targaryen, Daenerys may have a legitimate claim to the throne but it will be no easy battle with Cersei now in charge.

The Adorescore for Daenerys for the final episode was 30 with the key emotions expressed being apprehension, admiration and ecstasy. With Cersei trailing Daenerys by 63 points, it is clear that Daenerys and her storyline are having a much more positive effect on viewers. Daenerys’ high Adorescore is likely due to her standing up for the oppressed and freeing slaves, as well as her alliance with fan favourite Tyrion Lannister, which was cemented by her naming him Hand of the Queen. The apprehension that viewers are feeling likely stems from the fear of what is to come, as the final scene of this season shows her, her dragons and her newly formed army embarking on the long-awaited journey to conquer Westeros.
Season 7 should see her and her ships arrive in Westeros. Will the online positivity surrounding Daenerys at the end of this season predict her success, or will the creators of Game of Thrones shock us once again?

Jon Snow

Our final analysis goes to Jon Snow, This season saw Jon rise from the dead, face off with the formidable Ramsay Bolton and finally take back Winterfell and be declared King in the North.

Jon’s Adorescore for the final episode was 10 with a high level of passion being expressed when talking about him. The main high activation emotions conveyed on Twitter were admiration, apprehension and grief. The emotion of grief was highlighted through the questions being raised about Jon’s true parentage. Admiration was likely the result of seeing the level of support he received from the other houses in the North (thanks to Lady Mormont!), watching him succeed his late brother Rob as King in the North. Apprehension, as in the case of Daenerys, may stem from be the uncertainty of what will happen next for him and the remaining members of House Stark.

It is hard to predict what season 7 will bring for Jon Snow but we think there is more to be revealed about his true parentage and his bid for the Iron Throne.

The Adoreboard analysis found that Daenerys evokes the most positive reactions from viewers and her claim to the throne may be viewed by many as the strongest due to the mere size of her army and her three fire-breathing dragons. Season 7 may prove difficult for Cersei – even though she may be currently sitting on the throne, there is no guarantee how long her reign will last. Cersei had the lowest Adorescore and evoked the most negative emotions of the three. Jon Snow’s Adorescore was lower than Daenerys’, but he evoked more positive emotions on Twitter than Cersei. The clear online favourite at the moment is Daenerys, followed closely by Jon Snow. No one knows what season 7 will bring for these three characters, but one sure thing is that it will be a while before the seven kingdoms come together in peace and harmony.
In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.

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