Generation Innovation in Photos: Inspiring Future Leaders 🙌

Generation Innovation is an awesome program for 16-18 year-olds from Catalyst that’s all about gearing up the youth of today for an epic future. Innovative companies are invited to coach and inspire the potential leaders of the future. It’s a programme packed with fun workshops, challenges, and cool gear aka swag.

Adoreboard jumped at the chance to be one of the partner companies and coach a team (although to be fair, we suspect the lads knew in advance that lego and robots would be involved!) 🤖.

A cross-departmental mix of Jonny (Solutions Engineer), Aaron (UX, UI & Design) and Alistair (Customer Success) was made complete with our very own 17-year-old, Calum, who had joined the Adoreboard team on work experience.

Johnny, Aaron, Alistair & Calum

“Our problem statement centred on increasing Trust amongst Gen Z employees as they enter the workforce – looking to identify why less than half feel a sense of satisfaction from their job; and how companies can better understand their needs to provide that satisfaction, increasing retention and lowering re-hiring and re-training costs.

It was amazing to watch these young people come together to produce an incredibly compelling pitch in only a week – showing a real understanding of the problem, as well as giving insights that Adoreboard would never have gleaned if not for this collaboration.🤜🤛” —Alistair Spence

Our offices being located in central Belfast allowed for an office road trip for the gang.

So up they came for a visit…

Where we did some additional judging of our own.

This time it was a solutions-focused, girl-power team with Director of Customer Success, Aislin, Strategic Account Manager, Maddy, and Solutions Engineer, Tamara…and of course, our Calum! Hey, he was on work experience; he gets a seat at the table!

Then it was back over to the lads for some more hard work…

Calum, Johnny & Alistair hard at work

Jokes aside, it was an amazing few weeks.

As guides, we partnered with Generation Innovation to teach however we came away having also learned so much from everyone who participated 🔥

Here’s a small selection of the official photos which can be found on Flickr:

Click here to view all the pics on Flickr

“I couldn’t recommend the experience enough – hopefully I will be able to complete the three-peat in 2025 and I would urge anyone thinking about taking part to jump in and have a blast!”
—Alistair Spence, Customer Success @ Adoreboard

Thank you to Catalyst, all the participants; you rock! 👊

See you in 2025 🚀

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