CX Industry Insight: Parmita Ghosh, AnalogFolk

Parmita Ghosh, is the Data Strategy Director in global creative agency AnalogFolk. We sat down with Parmita to discuss her experience when working with Adoreboard and how it ties into AnalogFolk’s data driven approach.

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What is your role at AnalogFolk?


My role is to help solve our clients’ business challenges, right from understanding their customers; how to gain new customers; how to retain customers; how to generate customer delight and also help and inspire our creatives to create amazing content.  All of this is done using a very data-driven approach with a combination of external and internal data which allows us to really understand our customers and our brand and see how they can work together.


How is AnalogFolk’s approach “Data Driven”?

There’s a rich area of data, we have both external data on what our customers say and feel and we’ve got internal data which is our client’s own first-party data.  So using a combination of both of these we can really understand where the challenge lies and how we help solve that. We use different tools as well as all different kinds of data to come up with the right solution.


How does emotion help build brand/customer connections?

We at AnalogFolk, are in the business of connecting with our customers and that connect in finding brand love for a customer and generating customer delight, all these terms such as  love or delight, they’re all very emotional things, so understanding the emotions and how we can deliver those is absolutely key.


How do you use emotion analysis for strategy?

Adoreboard simplifies the complexity of human emotions. it gives tangibility to  something that is so intangible which then helps us understand both us and our clients, and how we go about solving the problem.


How have you used Adoreboard to enhance CX?

For one of our clients, we used Adoreboard’s results combined with AI to help solve a big business challenge regarding long lead times in customer complaint response. The problem was when a customer complains it was manually being sorted and put in different boxes and then there was a second stage where somebody would manually respond. So overall, this was creating a lot of work for the business as well as a long wait time for the consumer for their complaint to be answered.

Using the insights from Adoreboard, we analysed and figured out what the main trigger words were for certain complaints. This would help us automate the sorting of the complaint into different boxes which can then be picked up by a team member to escalate and respond or when the problem doesn’t need human intervention there will be an intelligent response automatically delivered to the consumer. This solution has proved good for both the business and the consumer and after beta testing the business will be ruling it widely.


How have you used Adoreboard to enhance content strategy?

We’ve used Adoreboard to understand the emotions that a particular retail brand evokes. It helped us identify the different triggers during the year and how we can tap into them, going beyond the typical seasonal tactical things. Much deeper insights on specific triggers would give a certain reaction from the customer and then that would help us create a pre-emptive content library, which we can plug and play with our content strategy. It’s a much more strategic way of looking at our communication with our retail customers, as opposed to a seasonal trend, which is based more on our understanding rather than any customer driven knowledge.

How have you used Adoreboard for customer experience insight?

For one of our brands we used Adoreboard to understand the pain and delight points of our customers, in both using the product as well as the overall customer service experience, pre- and post purchasing the product. By understanding those pain and delight points we have been able to make recommendations to improve product features and overall customer service experience. These recommendations are then being used by the back end customer service team to train in customer service and how to respond to questions, giving a real strategic value to the brand. We are planning to use this approach with the new upcoming products from the brand.


What is the value of Adoreboard?

Adoreboard is really valuable in the level of detail and richness in which it analyses emotions. Moving away from just positive, negative and neutral. The 8 emotion indexes and the 24 emotions under that,  has provided us with a much better, deeper understanding of our customers.

Adoreboard basically makes something seemingly intangible like human emotion to be much more tangible and it helps simplify the complexity that is an emotion, for both us as well as for our clients.

Research has proven that most purchase decisions are taken emotionally. Essentially understanding human emotions is the backbone of any strategic approach we provide to our clients. Adoreboard helps us do that by understanding those emotions, so that any solution we provide is based on genuine customer understanding rather than what we think is right. It is very much grounded in real-time data. Customers are very vocal these days and choose to tell us, we base our solutions on that.


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