Meet the Team: Emma-Louise Rea, Data Scientist

What do you to at Adoreboard?

My tasks and roles change day-to-day but, in a nutshell, as a part of the consultancy team I use our software to gain emotionally intelligent insights to answer our clients’ questions – helping them to develop their brand and deepen their understanding of their customers.  This can mean that I sit at a computer all day poring over Excel spreadsheets, or that I am out meeting with clients to share our findings and expertise.

I am also the editor of our Emotional Insights Weekly newsletter (sign up here!), so I set time aside every week to keep an eye on what’s trending, find stories for the team and I to delve into before pulling it all together on a Friday (before a much-deserved cider!).

What is your favourite thing about Adoreboard? 

Before Adoreboard I worked in the public sector, and I have really enjoyed the transition to the fast-paced start-up world.  In a start-up you’re thrown in at the deep end and you quickly learn to swim!  Cutting out a lot of the red tape and strict hierarchy has been really refreshing and it makes for a much more relaxed and less corporate atmosphere.

What 3 things are you loving right now?

1. Couch to 5k

I would love to say that I am loving morning runs using my Couch to 5k app but in reality I haven’t done it in 3 weeks.  I got back into it in August after a longer break than I would care to admit and I was really enjoying it, then two weeks in I hurt my ankle.  I am looking forward to starting it again – just in time for the return of the miserable, freezing cold winter weather.  Can’t wait!

2. Podcasts

I’m heading to the London Podcast Festival this week, so podcasts are definitely up there as favourite of mine.  I’m going to see a few shows over the weekend but two of my favourites that I am seeing are The Complete Guide to Everything  (a comedy podcast in which two guys from New York continually get sidetracked while trying to talk about a new topic every week) and No Such Thing As A Fish (hosted by the researchers behind the show QI, a.k.a the QI Elves).


3. Björk

I have been listening to Björk (“rhymes with jerk) for years but the play count has rapidly increased ahead of her concert this weekend.  I’ve always wanted to see her live, and I am finally getting the chance while I am in London!  A lot of people only really know her as the woman who sings It’s Oh So Quiet, so it you want to check out another one of her songs here is one of my favourites, Oceania.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

It’s been a dream of mine for ages to live in Germany, preferably Berlin.  I have been learning German on and off for 11 years, but I have started going to night classes this year to get back what I have lost over the last few years.  I fell in love with Berlin when I went 4 years ago – I went back in June this year and I am planning another trip in November to visit the Christmas markets and drink as much Glühwein as possible – just to keep myself warm though, obviously.


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