#MissingType: Brands come together for Good

NHS Blood and Transplant has re-launched its missing type campaign but this time its went global.

Last year’s campaign was limited to the UK and saw over 30,000 people sign up to give blood. This year the campaign has gone international with 21 countries joining the call for blood donors including Australia, America, Japan, South Africa, Belgium and Ireland.

The campaign calls for companies to drop their A’s, O’s and B’s to highlight the lack of people signing up to donate blood. The campaign follows a decrease in the amount of blood donors with a 40% drop in donors since 2005.

This year the campaign has taken off online with many big brands getting on board to raise awareness. Here are a few:

We also got involved here at Adoreboard HQ:

Jon Latham at NHSBT says, “We were always very aware this campaign coincided with the Olympics. The Olympics sees countries come together in competition while this campaign sees countries come together for a common cause. All of the services worked together to agree when to run the campaign and felt August worked well to draw attention to the need for new donors around the world.”

Last year’s campaign won the gold Health and Wellness Lion and a bronze Cyber Lion at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. The campaign was commended for being a “ground breaking behaviour change campaign that used a simple, visual creative idea to earn blanket national news coverage and create a powerful social media movement.” [1]

The campaign has received an Adorescore of 39 with the main high intensity emotions being admiration and ecstasy. The hashtag #MissingType was trending worldwide on Twitter and has caught the attention of large global companies and celebrities. The presence of these two positive emotions is not surprising.

As last year saw a rise of over 30,000 donors which translates to over 100,000 lives saved, hopefully with this year’s campaign reaching international levels the donor levels should increase dramatically.

Another example of social media and virality being used for good.

Sign up to donate: www.blood.co.uk

[1] https://www.enginegroup.com/blogs/2016-6-27

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