Orbit Group select Adoreboard to improve digital Customer Experience


Orbit Group, the leading provider of social housing in the UK has selected Adoreboard to help prioritise improvements to digital customer experience using Emotion AI.

Orbit Group, which manages over 44,750 homes in the UK has seen a significant increase in online interactions from customers in the last year.  Social housing customers are now turning digital channels like online chat to access services and support. Adoreboard will enable Orbit Group to eliminate the manual analysis of text feedback from these digital channels and increase speed to insight by 90%.

Adoreboard, uses Emotion AI to integrate customer feedback from multiple digital channels and automatically predicts the business implication of resolving issues for customers. Emotion AI is used to prioritise issues based on the emotional intensity expressed by customers in the feedback.

Orbit Group says digital technology will play a key role in the housing sector by serving the diverse needs of social housing customers in new ways:

“We’ve seen a 62% increase in online interactions and with that brings a challenge to turn the raw feedback into insights and actions.  With Adoreboard we can reduce the time it takes to arrive at insights and easily understand how these insights will impact our business. The result is an insight driven approach to improving not only the services and support we provide but the digital channels from which they can be accessed.”

Adoreboard is a leader in Human Experience (HX) software and a Gartner Cool Vendor in customer analytics using artificial intelligence. The software is used by global brands like Procter and Gamble and Healthscope to create better human experiences for its customers and employees.

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