Employee experience, coffee culture and the findings of John Gusiff

We sat down with CX and EX leader John Gusiff to discuss his recent research project that benchmarked six retail coffee brands employee experience against the concept of The Irresistible Organization. John Gusiff founded Customer Centric Solutions LLC in 2002 and is a CX strategy and experience design leader. A renowned expert in the roles of […]

employee experience

How Employee Experience Impacts Customer Experience

Customer experience is a major deciding factor in how a customer engages with an organisation. Good customer experience, including great customer service, is paramount to encourage loyalty and discourage customer churn. However, whilst it may seem obvious, the link between Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) is something that doesn’t get a lot of […]

HX Roundup June 2019 — The Latest in CX, EX and Human Experience

Welcome to the first edition of our HX Roundup where we’ll be delivering you the cream of the past month or so in experience-related articles and reports from across the globe. From big brands to small independents you’ll find a curated list of human experience content right here (or sign up to have it delivered […]

Gartner Customer experience

Gartner Customer Experience Summit: Five Key Takeaways

Thinking time. Everyone needs it for perspective. Attending industry events like the Gartner Customer Experience and Technologies summit hit the spot. As for takeaways, we’ve summarised some research figures worthy of note. Here are the top five, hopefully, this sparks some further thoughts to reflect on your own journey to improving customer experience. 1.   80% […]