Your open ends suck. Here’s how to make them better

So you’ve fallen into the old trap of collecting lots of survey data because you were told that’s what everyone does and now you’re not sure what to do with it. Don’t worry, you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last. All too often we approach customer feedback with open-ended questions which […]

How to predict your drivers of customer experience

Text analysis in business has been around since the 1950’s when IBM created the first system to retrieve key words from large bodies of written information. However, like with massive pompadours and drive-in movie theatres, we’ve moved on a bit since then. The data locked away in the reams of text you generate from interacting […]

Customer Journey Mapping: Moments that Matter

The moments that a customer experiences at each stage of the customer journey really matter, and here’s why. Customer experience is the new battleground for brands, and how meaningful moments during the CX are monitored and evaluated can have a huge impact on a customer’s experience. Positive and negative CX also has the power to […]

CX Industry Focus: Budget Beauty Brands

When it comes to makeup, we often base quality on price. The cost of a product can have a big impact on the customer’s perception of the brand, the value of a product and, in turn, a brand’s reputability. As much as makeup users and enthusiasts may strive for costly, high-end brands, pricey products can […]

Beyond NPS to Decision Ready Insights

We hosted a webinar to discuss how to measure customer experience by going beyond NPS. Our webinar included our very own CEO Chris Johnston and special guest speaker James Dodkins, Principal Consultant at BP Group, international speaker and all round customer experience expert. We know you are busy and might not have had the time […]