Zappos Customer centricity

Key to Customer Centricity: Takeaways from Alex Genov’s Zappos Keynote

Last week marked the launch of the Adoreboard CX Academy at a special keynote and masterclass event with special guest Alex Genov from Zappos. Alex is head of customer research at Zappos, a US-based¬†online shoe and clothing retailer who thrive in the world of customer experience so much so they hit over $2 billion in […]

Alex Genov from Zappos Launches the Adoreboard CX Academy

The Adoreboard CX academy is being officially launched at a special event hosted at Queen’s University Belfast on December 6th by Alex Genov from CX heavyweight Zappos. Over 200 people will attend the inaugural CX academy event to listen to a special keynote and exclusive masterclass hosted by Alex. Zappos is a US-based online shoe […]