The World Reacts to President Trump

On Tuesday the controversial campaign for the US presidency came to an end with Donald Trump defying the pollsters, being voted the 45th President of the United States. The result has got everyone talking with some mixed reactions.

Here at Adoreboard we have been closely monitoring the turbulent campaign, and the ups and downs have been featured regularly on this blog and corresponding newsletter. We have been running social commentary for both Trump and Clinton through our emotional analysis software to better understand how the world has been feeling about each candidate. Our tool allows us to take social data, which tells us “what people think” and turn it into actionable emotional insights into “how people feel”. This allows the user to identify the topics and themes that have led to those feelings.

Our story last week revealed that data mentioning Trump contained a higher level of trust than Clinton. Is emotion analysis better at predicting election results than the pollsters?

The graph below shows the Adorescores for both Clinton and Trump for the two weeks leading up the to the result.



The Adorescores for both candidates over the last two weeks have been erratic, with the results in the final few days showing Trump edging ahead of Clinton. Prior to the result Trump’s high intensity emotions were ecstasy and admiration, pushing him above Clinton whose high intensity emotions were ecstasy and loathing.

Following the result announcement we analysed over 6000 mentions from social media for the trending hashtags #HesNotMyPresident and #PresidentTrump.



The dominating emotions for this hashtag were rage and loathing. The people using this hashtag expressed negativity and disappointment towards Trump, and their support towards Clinton.



Trump supporters expressed their joy with the dominating emotions for this hashtag being ecstasy and admiration.

Some celebrities took to Twitter to express their feelings regarding the result.

It has been decided, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. The media coverage that this campaign has attracted globally has ensured that every move Donald Trump makes from now on will be monitored and I have no doubt there will be plenty more drama to come.

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