100 Human Experience Events for 2020 – CX, EX & PX Conferences

As we enter the new year, it’s exciting to see the number of ‘experience’ events already planned for 2020. In this post we share a list of +100 leading HX events from across the globe. You’ll find Customer Experience conferences, Employee Engagement summits and Patient centricity events from HX industry leaders and research establishments all over the world.

Whilst we’re seeing more and more events that focus on human experience, including those related to Student Experience and Citizen Experience, we’ve chosen to focus on three core areas;

  • CX – Customer Experience
  • EX – Employee Experience / Employee Engagement
  • PX – Patient Experience

As you’ll see, its a growing area. There are +100 major events and conferences in these three focus areas alone, with hundreds more local events and specialist training workshops in customer/employee/patient experience to be found online.

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Patient, Employee & Customer Experience Conferences 2020

The list below is sorted in date order. Below it you will find a link to a sortable (and downloadable) spreadsheet in Google Sheets containing additional information such as City.

Conference Name Focus Dates Country Link
600 Minutes marketing and digital experience CX 29.01.2020 Denmark Link
End-to-End Customer Experience Management for B2B Manufacturers CX 16-17.01.2020 Germany Link
CX Network: CEM in Telecoms Global Summit 2020 CX 27-29.01.2020 UK Link
CIPD Employee Engagement Conference and Workshop EX 30-31.02.2020 UK Link
Patient Experience Insight Conference PX 27.01.2020 UK Link
Oracle Open World Middle East CX 14-15.01.2020 UAE Link
Patient Experience Conference PX 27-28.01.2020 UAE Link
Genesys Kickoff CX 13-17.01.2020 US Link
Customer SuccessCon Seattle CX 13.01.2020 US Link
The CX Transformation Summit CX 18.02.2020 Egypt Link
CXPA India CX Conclave CX 27-28.02.2020 India Link
Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit CX 13-14.02.2020 Japan Link
Customer Loyalty Conference CX 5.02.2020 Sweden Link
HRD Summit – Harnessing Human Creativity EX 04-05-02.2020 UK Link
CX Network: CX Exchange BFSI CX 25-26.02.2020 UK Link
GIC Customer Experience Conference CX 25.02.2020 UK Link
GIC Winning Employee Engagement For Exceptional Customer Experiences EX 26.02.2021 UK Link
CXPA Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2020 CX 18.02.2020 UAE Link
CCW Customer Contact Week CX 25-28.02.2020 Australia Link
Chief Customer Officers CX 05-06.02.2020 US Link
HR Impact EX Impact Winter EX 26-28.02.2020 US Link
CX Leaders week Asia 2020 CX 2-5.03.2020 Singapore Link
CCW – Customer Contact Week Asia CX 02-05.03.2020 Singapore Link
Strategie Clients CX 31.03-2.04.2020 France Link
SHIFT/CX 2020 CX 25-26.03.2020 Germany Link
YukonDaylight Customer Service Summit CX 18.03.2020 Switzerland Link
The Institute of Customer Service’s Annual Conference CX 03.03.2020 UK Link
CXPA Call & Contact Centre Expo CX 18-19.03.2020 UK Link
Customer + User experience Expo CX 18-19.03.2020 UK Link
Symposium Employee Engagement Summit 2020 EX 04.03.2020 UK Link
Employee Engagement & Retention Summit EX 24-26.03.2020 US Link
Oracle Modern Customer Experience CX 23-26.03.2020 US Link
CX Talks Dallas: The Customer Experience Summit CX 30-31.03.2020 US Link
Adobe Summit CX 29.03-02.04.2020 US Link
Zendesk Relate 2020 CX 03-05.03.2020 US Link
LOMA 2020 Customer Experience Conference CX 25-27.03.2020 US Link
X4 The Experience Mgmt Summit CX 10-13.03.2020 US Link
Customer360 Africa CX 01-02.04.2020 South Africa Link
Oracle Open World Asia CX 21-22.04.2020 Singapore Link
7th Annual Pharma Customer Experience Management Summit CX 21-23.04.2020 Austria Link
9th Annual Customer Experience Management in Banking Summit CX 21-23.04.2020 Austria Link
12th Annual Customer experience Management in Telecom Summit CX 21-23.04.2020 Austria Link
CX Network: CX Utilities Forum CX 21-22.04.2020 UK Link
CX Network: CX Exchange Retail CX 20-21.04.2020 UK Link
Customer Strategy & Planning 2020 CX 27-28.04.2020 UK Link
Forrester CX Sydney CX 30.04.2020 Australia Link
Customer Experience Strategies Summit 2020 CX 16-17.04.2020 Canada Link
21st Annual Customer Experience Conference and Industry Awards CX 28-30.04.2020 US Link
Customer Contract East CX 26-29.04.2020 US Link
NGCX Next Generation Customer Experience CX 23-25.04.2020 US Link
HDI Support World Live CX 19-24.04.2020 US Link
Patient Experience Conference 2020 PX 20-22.04.2020 US Link
MarTech CX 15-17.04.2020 US Link
Digital Experience Conference 2020 CX 27-29.04.2020 US Link
SMART Customer Service 2020 CX 27-29.04.2020 US Link
Customer Experience Summit VIC 2020 CX 27.05.2020 Australia Link
Employee Experience Summit VIC 2020 EX 27.05.2020 Australia Link
Patient Experience Asia Summit PX 19-20.05.2020 Malaysia Link
CXPA DACH Customer Experience awards 2020 CX 29.05.2020 Germany Link
Adobe Summit 2020 EMEA CX 13-14.05.2020 UK Link
EEA Salesforce Employee Experience Event EX 07.05.2020 UK Link
Employee Engagement Summit EX 15.05.2020 UK Link
Patient Centricity & Engagement PX 19.05.2020 UK Link
23rd Annual CSPN Customer & Employee Experience Conference 2020 CX 13-14.05.2020 Canada Link
Chief Experience Officer Exchange CX 17-19.05.2020 US Link
Genesys Xperience CX 18-21.05.2020 US Link
ICMI Contact Center Expo CX 11-14.05.2020 US Link
Nice inContact – Interactions 2020 CX 11-13.05.2020 US Link
IBM think 2020 CX 04-07.05.2020 US Link
Gainsight: Pulse Conference 2020 CX 12-14.05.2020 US Link
Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit CX 16-17.06.2020 Australia Link
Omnichannel Exec Forum CX 16-17.06.2020 Spain Link
Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit CX 8-9.06.2020 UK Link
CX Marketing Summit 2020 CX 19.06.2020 UK Link
GIC Financial Services Customer Experience Conference CX 24.06.2020 UK Link
7th Annual Customer Experience Show Middle East CX 17-18,06.2020 UAE Link
CCW – Customer Contact Week CX 22-26.06.2020 US Link
Forrester CX 2020 North America CX 16-18.06.2020 US Link
The Customer Service Summit West CX 08-09.06.2020 US Link
Gartner Marketing Symposium Xpo CX 1-3.06.2020 US Link
CX Talks Seattle: The Customer Experience Summit CX 15-16.06.2020 US Link
CX Network: CX Exchange Telecoms CX 06-07.07.2020 UK Link
Customer Engagement Transformation CX 9.07.2020 UK Link
CXFS Customer Experience for Financial Services CX 21-23.07.2020 US Link
HCI 2020 Employee Engagement Conference EX 27-29.07.2020 US Link
Culture Summit EX 14-16.07.2020 US Link
CEM Africa Summit CX 05-06.08.2020 South Africa Link
Inbound 2020 CX 18-21.08.2020 US Link
Forrester CX Singapore 2020 Forum CX 2.09.2020 Singapore Link
Future Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing CX 29.09.2020 Sweden Link
Customer Service and Experience Summit CX 16-17.09.2020 UK Link
CX Talks Chicago: The Customer Experience Summit CX 14-15.09.2020 US Link
600 Minutes Sales, Marketing and CX CX 28.10.2020 Finland Link
CCW: Customer Contact Week Europé 2020 CX 05-08.10.2020 Netherlands Link
600 Minutes Marketing and CX CX 28.10.2020 Netherlands Link
CX Talks Atlanta: The Customer Experience Summit CX 26-27.10.2020 US Link
MarTech CX 6-8.10.2020 US Link
Customer Service Revolution CX 7-8.10.2020 US Link
Forrester CX Europe 2020 CX 18-19.11.2020 UK Link
Customer Engagement Summit CX 09.11.2020 UK Link
NGPX 2020 PX 02-04.12.2020 US Link
Improving Patient Experience Conference PX TBC Australia Link
CMS Wire’s DX Summit CX TBC US Link

An expanded version of the list above is available in Google Sheets – easy to sort and filter or download to Excel. No signup required, simply click and copy!

Employee Customer Experience Events 2020 ConferencesClick to view in Google Sheets

I’m sure most readers are familiar with Google Sheets however, for those who aren’t it’s very simple to either make a copy to your own Google account &/or download for Excel. Here’s how;

How to make a copy or download Google Sheet
How to How to make a copy or download Google Sheet

As per image above, simply click File > Make a copy …. OR … File > Download [and choose your format].

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