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Case Study

Franklin Templeton: Billion Dollar Insight for Employee Experience

Enabling Franklin Templeton define the drivers of the 'emotional experience gap' for UK millennials



Franklin Templeton Investments is a global investment firm that is dedicated to delivering exceptional asset management to its shareholders for over 20 years. The company is a trusted partner to individual and institutional investors across the globe.

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The landscape for employee experience is shifting rapidly to an emerging young workforce with millennials predicted to make up 35% of the workforce by 2020.

  • To remain relevant to the pension conversation it needed to  uncover how younger demographic feel about pensions and responsible investing. 
  • To find out what employers and pension providers could do to enhance the offering and the experience for the UK workforce. 
  • Provide distinct and unique insights to move the debate forward for the UK pension industry on responsible investing 
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Franklin Templeton partnered with Adoreboard to use Emotics to measure the emotional responses of over 2,500 people in relation to workplace pensions and responsible investment by analysing the unstructured text of survey responses and social media commentary.

  • Emotics was used to extract emotional intensity with themes to reveal key insights into the employee experience.
  • The research allowed Franklin Templeton to understand the implication of insight by mapping emotion motivators to pension increase provision.


Insights identified an ‘emotional experience gap’ for UK millennials – demonstrating a wide disconnect between how people feel about their pension and what it currently delivers.

The implication of the insight found that if pension providers could close this gap it could mean a boost of up to $1.5bn per year and up to £15bn over the next decade to UK pension contributions.