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Case Study

Leading Transport Firm: Reducing customer anger by 74%

A leading European transport company reduces detractors by 74% by tackling issues triggering customer anger.


Investment saving

Underpinned a $500,000 investment decision that updates connectivity.

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Increased brand affinity; increase of brand advocates by 500%

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Decrease in brand detractors by 74%



A large transport company was struggling to process and analyse, and therefore act upon, customer feedback.

The company have a lot of data due to their array of services, and they recognised that customer feedback analysis could greatly improve their services and therefore the overall customer journey.

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Adoreboard's challenge was to identify specific emotions felt by the brand's consumers and analyse a large volume of unstructured consumer data. From this the goal was to measure CX and derive actionable insights.

The company faced three issues:

  • Traditional sentiment analysis could not accurately identify or explain specific customer emotions, making them unactionable
  • The data was unstructured, which is typically more challenging to analyse than structured data
  • The volume of data meant that the company had to look at alternative ways to scale and measure customer experience
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Adoreboard’s solution was to map the customer journey, which identifies and explains customer pain points and touchpoints, and analyse the vast amount of data using Emotics. Emotion analysis evidenced the need for a large change in the company.

Picture of Emma Louise, Adoreboard Data Scientist

Adoreboard provided decision ready insights which moved customer experience from ‘rage’ to ‘joy’, and improved operational performance

Emma Louise, Adoreboard Data Scientist

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